Learn Industrial Automation with 5+ Real Projects using PLC

Learn Industrial Automation with 5+ Real Projects using PLC. Allen Bradley PLC Programming from Beginner to Advanced. As we know, most of the companies are using a variety of PLC, SCADA, HMI, and AutoCAD Electrical. So there is a huge requirement of the job in automation sector like PLC programmer, Project Engineer, SCADA Operator, PLC, and Commissioning Engineer, Control Engineer, Senior Design Engineer, Service Engineer, etc.

Learn Industrial Automation with 5+ Real Projects using PLC

The participant will be able to learn

  • Introduction about Automation and Allen Bradley PLC(Why it is needed, Opportunity in Future, Role of Engineer, e.t.c)
  • Introduction about Rslinx Classic, Rslogix micro English & field I/O connections of Micrologix PLC, create a new project
  • Ladder diagram, interfacing of push-button and lamp to verify all logic gates (2 Push Button and 1 Lamp)
  • Program for water level management (NO and NC based program using actuators and sensors)
  • Remote controlling applications, Set/Reset operation by using two push-buttons
  • Smart traffic signal control system using PLC (Push-button, Indicators & hooter)
  • PLC based program for entry/exit control of car parking using indicators, sensors, push-button, and maintenance switch (UP/DOWN counter-based program)
  • Design program based on counter and timer for lamp ON/OFF operation (Counting ON/OFF operation of lamp)
  • Sequence control programming using SQO (water bottle Manufacturing plant)
  • Process of designing the ladder program for any industrial project with its project datasheet
  • Temperature control programming with fault identification using SCP (RTD analog module, heater, cooler, push-button, indicator & hooter)
  • Monitoring and recording of Temperature data with time in third party database (excel) using PLC & SCADA Data logging feature
  • Development of residential and industrial-based projects.
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What you’ll learn

  • Allen Bradley PLC Programming with projects
  • Use of PLC in industrial sector.
  • Design 5+ industrial projects based on PLC.
  • Learn PLC based field I/O connections.
  • Decide digital and analog I/O’s for the selection of PLC. Selection criteria for the PLC
  • Create a datasheet or document, so that logic and idea required for the project is clear.
  • Identify and assemble the information of physical parameter using PLC analog programming.
  • Identify the strength and limitations of Allen Bradley PLC for acquiring information, Simulating and monitoring system performance.
  • Identify and describe the role of project engineer in terms of safety considering societal aspect .
  • Develop the PLC ladder diagram for temperature control, traffic control and many more.
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Who this course is for:

  • Beginner PLC programmer curious about industrial automation and also for the advanced learner

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