Fun to learn Japanese at Sendagaya – Level2

Fun to learn Japanese at Sendagaya – Level2. At Sendagaya, we believe that learning a new language should be fun. That’s why we offer Japanese classes that are designed to be enjoyable and interactive. Our experienced teachers will help you learn the language quickly and effectively, so you can start speaking and understanding Japanese in no time!

Japanese is a Language with many expressions and different words for similar concepts. It takes some time to get used to this and understand the context in which it is being used. However, once you learn how to speak and read Japanese, you will be able to enjoy its many subtle nuances.

Learning Japanese verbs can be fun, as you will quickly become able to conjugate the verbs and understand polite- and plain-form forms. The Japanese verb conjugation is not difficult, but it does have a few quirks that can take some getting used to. For example, the polite form always uses the suffix -masu, while the plain form uses -ma. Additionally, there are two different verb conjugations for negating verbs (i.e., making them into auxiliary verbs), and there is an irregular verb form as well. However, with a little practice, these rules will start to make sense and you will be able to speak and understand Japanese like a pro!

Fun to learn Japanese at Sendagaya

“Fun to Learn Japanese at Sendagaya – Level2” is the best fit for people all around the world, who are learning Japanese as beginners, or who completed “Fun to Learn Japanese at Sendagaya – Level1”.

This course is developed by “Sendagaya Japanese Institute”, a Tokyo-based Japanese language school with over 45 years of history.

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You will learn conversations in daily scenes with common expressions and words in each lecture. By learning them in context with specific scenes, you will be able to remember them effectively.

If you complete this course, you will reach the A2.1 level on the Japanese CEFR and N5 on the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test.

You can learn basic expressions, and have fun, with animated characters. And, if you have memorized the phrases, you will be able to pick up more important grammar.

If you want to learn not only Japanese conversations and expressions but also pronunciation as well, then this course is definitely the one you are looking for. You can also practice speaking while listening to a real Japanese teacher’s pronunciation.

You can enjoy and improve your Japanese by using our Fun to learn Japanese at Sendagaya for sure. 

All of the narration and words contain English subtitles so that beginners can freely study Japanese in this course.

You Will Learn

  • Can have the essence of the Japanese language in a short time
  • Can understand and use everyday expressions and basic phrase
  • Can learn a group of verbs, verb conjugation, polite-form and plain-form
  • Can interact with Japanese in a simple way
  • Can have a strong foundation to work on the JLPT N5 preparation

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