Learn JavaScript & NodeJS (and Build a Cryptocurrency Bot)

Learn JavaScript & NodeJS (and Build a Cryptocurrency Bot). Concise & practical for beginners. Learn to code by building a bot that sends crypto price alerts to your phone!

What you’ll learn

  • Practical project-based learning: Learn to code from scratch while building a program that can send cryptocurrency price alerts to your phone
  • Concise and dynamic starter course to build your initial confidence and conceptual understanding before you consider investing in longer courses
  • Learn practical skills to become a self-sufficient developer who can independently learn new things, fix code and build projects (with third party services)
  • JavaScript Fundamentals: console, variables, arithmetic, functions, if/else, arrays, objects, loops, strings, asynchronous programming, promises, etcetc
  • NodeJS Fundamentals: setting up, node package manage, installing and importing dependencies
  • Web scraping (including overview of HTML and CSS, and Document Object Model (DOM))
  • How to effectively research code issues and solutions to solve your code problems
  • How to leverage off third party services and APIs to build sophisticated projects (e.g. integrating Twilio API to send text messages)
  • Coding concepts taught through simple and clean animations


  • NO programming experience required – learn from scratch!
  • Very basic maths ability (only addition and subtraction)
  • Computer (with internet) (any operating system is fine)

Build a Cryptocurrency Bot Course Description

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Shortconcise and fully hands-on, this course will teach you how to code in both JavaScript and NodeJS, while building a cool crypto-based project that may potentially help you to make money.

Highly suitable for any absolute beginners or cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

How is this course different from the other online courses?

  • Strong focus on helping you become a self-sufficient developer. In this course, you won’t just learn to code for the sake of coding. You will learn effective research tips and how to integrate third party services so that you can independently learn and build your own projects.
  • Unique cryptocurrency x programming focus – build coding skills that are relevant to a hot emerging technology.
  • Actually build a useful project (not just a basic flash game, calculator or local webpage) that can potentially add value to your life.
  • Dual overview of JavaScript and NodeJS (many courses only just cover one of them).
  • Simple and clean animations to explain concepts. Not just a plain bulletpoint lecture.
  • Low time investment. Max 90 minutes. This course can help you consider whether to invest further in other courses.

Course structure

This course has three parts:

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Part One

  • Why learn JavaScript?
  • How to get things set up (consoles and code editors)
  • How to use the console in your browser
  • Fundamentals: variables, comments and functions

Part Two

  • Web scraping (i.e. a technique to extract data from a website so that you can use the website data in your programs)
  • Website structure (HTML, CSS and Document Object Model (DOM))
  • Scraping crypto prices from the CoinMarketCap website
  • Debugging and research techniques
  • Fundamentals: conditional logic (if/else), asynchronous programming, objects, arrays and loops.
  • End outcome: Your first program (runs in the browser) that can automatically retrieve cryptocurrency prices without you have to manually search them up!

Part Three

  • Upgrading and cleaning up the program from Part Two
  • NodeJS (installation and how to use it)
  • Fundamentals: dependencies/libraries and APIs
  • Setting up and connecting to Twilio API (with free trial account) to automatically send text messages to your phone
  • End outcome: A NodeJS program that can automatically retrieve cryptocurrency prices and notify you via SMS text whenever one of the prices hits a certain threshold!

What’s the next step?

Even after you have completed this course, don’t just stop here! There are many ways to further upgrade the bot. Ideas could include:

  • Adding more crypto coins and prices to the bot
  • Add more content to the text message
  • Get the bot to run every x minutes
  • Host the program on a serverless hosting provider (e.g. AWS Lambda) so that it runs constantly
  • Create an interface for the bot
  • Add more complex logic (i.e. compare coin prices against trends, other metrics, etc)
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Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who have no or only little JavaScript (or any coding) experience
  • Beginners who want to try out a short, practical and productive coding course before considering to invest further in their coding education
  • Beginners who want to learn coding through a useful project (not just a simple game or calculator etc) rather than learning abstract concepts/theory without practical context
  • Beginners who want to learn to BUILD projects rather than just coding for the sake of coding
  • Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to build an automated crypto price alert system from scratch
  • Intermediate or Advanced JavaScript/NodeJS developers who want to learn how to integrate Twilio services
  • Everyone interested in learning JavaScript and all about how it works
  • Everyone interested in cryptocurrency

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