Learn Open Cascade for Custom 3D App Development

Learn Open Cascade for Custom 3D App Development. Learn 3D Graphics Programming with Open Cascade

What you’ll learn

  • Learn basics of Open Cascade 3D kernel based on OpenGL
  • Learn how to create 2D/3D geometric entities in OCC.
  • Learn how to create topological entities like vertex, edge, wire , face and solid
  • Create program for 3D operations like extrude, revolve, shell, sweep etc.
  • Use Visualization module to display 3D objects
  • Learn to setup MFC project for GUI development
  • Create your own 3D modeling application.


  • Students should have basic understanding of C++
  • Students should be able to download and install Visual studio community edition with MFC without a guide.
  • Students should have basic understanding of Windows GUI Programming with MFC
  • Students should be able to download and install Open Cascade 3D Modeling Library
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3D App Development Course Description

This course is aimed at teaching Open Cascade which is an open source 3D graphics programming platform used for creating customized design applications.

Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) is an object-oriented C++ class library built on top of OpenGL graphics library and designed for rapid production of domain-specific CAD/CAM/CAE applications.

With this course , students will learn how to create 2D/3D geometry and topology shapes using Open Cascade.

The course is divided in 7 modules and covers all the c++ classes and modules in Open Cascade which are required to implement the 3D environment and create 3D models.

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In module 2 , we will learn the architecture of open cascade and understand its various modules.

In module 3 , we will learn visualization module to implement a 3d viewer in the application.

In module 4 , we will learn how to create 2D/3D geometry and 3D topology shapes using modeling algorithms in Open Cascade. We will cover basic 3D model building commands like extrude , sweep , loft etc.

In module 5 , we will learn how to display 3D topology objects in the viewer window and create custom interactive objects.

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In module 6 , we will learn data management framework of open cascade and create parametric models and manage 3D topology data.

In module 7 , we will learn how to import and export 3D models.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for developers who want to learn Open Cascade kernel for 3D modeling and develop customized 3D applications in Windows.

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