Learn Solidity in 2 Hours Become a Blockchain Developer

Learn Solidity in 2 Hours Become a Blockchain Developer. Solidity is a programming language for creating smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It makes it easy to create code that automatically executes when a set of conditions are met. This makes it perfect for tasks like financial transactions and contract management. Plus, it is free to use!

If you are interested in learning how to create smart contracts and build blockchain applications, Solidity is a great starting point. It is relatively easy to learn, and you’ll be able to create complex applications in no time. Plus, Solidity is open source, so you can be sure that the code you write is safe and secure.

Learn Solidity in 2 Hours Become a Blockchain Developer

This course will teach you how to use Solidity to create custom contracts, and how to deploy them on the Ethereum network. Learning solidity will give you an understanding of how the Ethereum blockchain works and allows you to create your own contracts and applications. It is important to note that solidity is not easy to learn, but with enough effort and dedication it can be a valuable skill set for anyone looking to get into blockchain development. By the end of this course, you will be able to write simple smart contracts and understand their implications.

  • Course to teach Solidity programming language in the shortest time.
  • A single source to learn and master all solidity programming constructs.
  • Learn to write a complete polling smart contract end to end.
  • Focused and Extensive for students without overwhelming them with tools and technologies in the blockchain development space.

In this course, you will learn solidity, which is the programming language for creating smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Learning solidity is the first step if you need to get into the technical landscape of blockchain development.

I have designed this course in a way that it becomes a single source of grasping all the Solidity concepts and constructs and reducing distraction while learning this skill.

In this course, we will focus only on solidity so that you are not overwhelmed by the scale of tools and technologies available in the technical domain.

The idea is to learn and master one skill at a time.

  • You will first learn solidity constructs e.g data types, function types, visibility, important keywords, events, etc.
  • Then we will write a polling smart contract using existing skills.
  • Then in upcoming classes, we will cover other tools available in the technology landscape.

As the dApps have gained a lot of traction in the last few years, it has created a huge demand for smart contract developers as full-timers or freelancers. Hence Being a blockchain developer is a great opportunity to learn and earn.

Over the next few years, this demand will sustain and blockchain developers would create some disruptive tools technologies and applications.

So join me in this exciting journey of becoming a blockchain developer.


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