Learn SQL in 6 days

“Learn SQL in 6 days” Video Course provides a basic understanding of databases, tables, as well as how to manipulate data with functions like add, edit or delete data from tables and databases. Data retrieval concepts, which includes sorting, filtering, multi-table join, sub-queries and using functions in retrieval statements are discussed in detail.

This course covers the following topics:

· Database Basics

· Schema

· Managing Database and Tables

· Populating Data

· Retrieving Data

· Functions

· Creating Sub-totals

· Sub-queries

· Bonus exercises (on Simple Select)

This course requires approximately 4.5 hours to complete. But we would recommend you to split it into 6 days to have a complete understanding of the concepts.

Each section is well structured and is designed in such a way that the concept is explained first, then I have taken example and explained how to write the SQL for the problem statement. This might help you to understand the concepts better. To make it easier for the learner, all the examples are based on the schema explained in the Schema section.

This course is structured in such a way that one can start writing SQL in hours with confidence.

The bonus exercises section is an add-on, where I made some simple and lighter exercises to give some more input on Simple Select statements. The bonus section has around 10 exercises only on simple select statement.

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