Learn to trade momentum stocks – Technical Analysis strategy

Learn to trade momentum stocks – Technical Analysis strategy paid course free. New Best Stock Market / Commodity / Forex technical analysis trading and investing hot course. #1 stock trading method

  • Learning to trade momentum stocks. How to pick stocks, commodities, and currencies for sharp moves in shorter time frame as well as positional trades.
  • #1 method of technical analysis in stock market trading and investing. A strong system is very important for any trading activity. Buying when demand is high.
  • One can participate in multi-bagger stocks and learn how the momentum can help to find the multi-baggers.
  • Trading right stock at the right time. One advise – always trade or invest in fundamentally strong stocks.
  • Understanding the relationship of breakouts and momentum. Momentum is generated at the time of breakout OR momentum trigger the breakouts.

Learn to trade momentum stocks – Technical Analysis strategy Course Requirements

  • Very easy to learn – a simple but strong strategy.


Thank you very much for the overwhelming response to the first 2 JMC stock market courses.

Stock Trading with Price Action and Stock Market Technical Analysis with Time and Trend Lines.

Glad to introduce this new course:- Learn to trade momentum stocks/currencies/commodities/other assets – A technical Analysis Strategy.

This new course is unique in many ways. It’s based on an oscillator which is the most popular one. So it would not be difficult for students to correlate with the concept. It is an oscillator but will not cover classic concepts. Means, No diversion! No Overbought! No Oversold! No trend line on oscillator! In this unique concept will try to get a clear divider to differentiate between the momentum stocks and the inactive stocks. When here talking of inactive stocks, talking of stocks which are in consolidation phase, or in a sideways price movement or taking correction, or are in downward trend. We can ignore these stocks and try to have position in momentum stocks.

What are the advantages to identify a momentum stock?

  1. Entering in a stock just at a real break-out from long-term sideways price movements. It can be whip-saw so will apply the stops.
  2. Quick returns. Don’t have to wait much for action in the stocks because momentum means action.
  3. Participating in the right stocks at right time.
  4. You can participate in multi-bagger stocks. How momentum can help us to find the multi-baggers? One can easily identify stocks having strength to maintain upward movement in longer period. That’s the ultimate goal of investing.

Now the question is: Is it difficult to track? There is no clear answer to this question but Yes! Need to make this system as a habit. This may be a great idea for your trading or investing system Or else may not be that great but Yes! You will not be able to ignore this concept.

What’s the duration of the course? This course is for one and a half hour by now at the time of publishing but in next few months it will be a course with a duration of 4 hours plus. How? Our team will add many more case studies. Few more live sessions. + answering all your questions on the subject. Above all it’s your course. Together we will make it a valuable concept of the financial world. Let’s join the march …………….. And contribute. Lots of love and blessings

New lessons added: Breakout and Momentum  (The time duration of the course is now 3 hours 10 minutes)

More lectures will be added soon.

Who this course is for:

  • Investors, positional traders, swing traders, day-traders.

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-to-trade-momentum-stocks-technical-analysis-strategy/

Learn to trade momentum stocks – Technical Analysis strategy

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