Lets start creating games

Lets start creating games. Pre-planning covers the design of game ideas, market potential, competitors, visuals, platforms, monetization, and development.

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how to pre plan your game idea to make sure it is ready for development
  • You will learn best ways to make sure that your game idea is ready for development.
  • You will learn how to estimate the time and budget needed to make the development.
  • You will learn how to get better idea of you game ideas graphic style, technics, platform, competitors and publishing ways.
  • You will learn how to save your time and money with pre planning
  • You will learn how to evaluate your game ideas market potential


  • You want start creating games, you have some game idea or want create one and inspect more deeply to make sure it is valid for development
  • You need only computer or mobile device and software to write text, this course is about planning no expensive softwares or equipment required.
  • Course content includes pre planning document template you can use!
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Start creating games Course Description

This course is about how to start further developing your game idea, and how to polish this game idea from scratch to a game development plan and how to eventually develop the game!

Pre planning will save your time and money, you won’t waste them on projects that are out of scope, outdated or impossible to develop – because you will get good and solid information and data about your game idea by pre planning it first!

This pre planning phase includes several parts for you to follow, and after these parts it’s much easier to see if your idea is good enough for prototyping or even development.

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First we start with game idea

  1. Make the initial definition for the Game idea
  2. Do some Market research and check reference games
  3. Think about the Platform(s) and Monetization

Then we polish the game idea

  1. Create vision of graphic style and technic
  2. Do some first versions of wireframes and flowcharts
  3. Do some planning on UX and Usability

Finally we make the plan more solid

  1. Find out what kind of team is needed for development
  2. Think about the general workflow and timetable of game development
  3. Do an estimate for the price of the development
  4. Plan the next steps

Ideally this course is meant for small and medium sized Indie game teams, starting with their initial game ideas. And to people who dream about making games and building their own team for it, and want to learn the process of developing a game idea into a game development plan – and ultimately to develop the game!

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Who this course is for:

  • Indie game developers, small or medium sized teams or anyone who wants to start making games.
  • This course is valuable to anyone how wants to work or already works in game industry, wants to learn how to use pre planning phase properly.
  • This course is for any person who dreams about making games and building their own team for it.

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