Linear Programming with Microsoft Excel

Linear Programming with Microsoft Excel paid course free. You will Learn Linear Programming Graphical and Computer Based Method in this complete course.

Linear Programming with Microsoft Excel Course Requirements

  • Have a basic foundation of Microsoft Excel

Linear Programming with Microsoft Excel Course Description

Today, many business decisions aim to use an organization’s limited resources in the most efficient and effective manner. Suppose your company manufactures three products A, B and C. It wants to decide how to allocate limited resources (employees, capacities, etc.) to create the right combination of A, B and C to maximize profits.

Linear programming is a mathematical technique widely used to maximize or minimize linear functions of variables such as production, profit, and cost. Linear planning helps determine resource allocation when resources are limited (eg machine time, effort, money, time, warehouse space). Resources are tangible / intangible assets used to provide products / services.

In this course, students will acquire the fundamental skills necessary to build and solve linear programming models independently. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Use the Chart features in Excel to graph constraints 
  • Use Excel Solver to solve linear programming problems
  • Use Advanced Excel functions such as Goal Seek and Sum Product.
  • Use and read the Sensitivity Report generated by Excel Solver 
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The course you will be viewing is similar to a college level lecture where ideas are discussed, acted on and solved using the most widely used spreadsheet tool across industries.

Who this course is for:

  • Marketing research professionals and college/university students


Linear Programming with Microsoft Excel

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