Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator – for Beginners & Beyond

Free Course- Logo Design In Adobe Illustrator For Beginners Beyond Course. Logo design is a popular type of graphic design that can be done in many different software programs. In this article, we will show you how to create a logo using Adobe Illustrator. If you are a beginner, this tutorial will teach you the basics of designing logos with Illustrator. If you are an experienced designer, this tutorial may provide some new ideas for designing your own logos.

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful vector graphic design program that can be used to create logos, illustrations, and graphics for websites and other projects. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a simple logo using Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial is designed for beginners, but even experienced designers may find some useful tips in this article.

To begin, open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. You can use any size you like, but for this tutorial we’ll be using a 600x600px size. Once the document is open, select the Rectangle tool (M) and draw a small rectangle in the top left corner of your canvas.

Next, click on the Fill button (P) and select the gradient fill option from the menu that pops up. Select the darkest color from the gradient palette and click on OK to apply it to your rectangle.

Now, drag a copy of your rectangle into the bottom left corner of your canvas. You’ll notice that the fill of your copy changes to match the gradient you applied to the original rectangle.

Next, select the Text tool (T) and type “LOGO” in the text box that appears. Click on OK to close the Text dialog box. Now, you’ll want to select all of the text in your document and copy it into a new document. You can do this by clicking on each instance of text and selecting Copy (Ctrl+C) from the menu that pops up.

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Now, open your new document and paste your copied text into it. You’ll notice that the text has been rotated so that it’s aligned with the bottom left corner of your new document. Finally, you’ll want to select all of the text in your new document and delete it. To do this, click on each instance of text and select Delete (Ctrl+D) from the menu that pops up. Your logo is now complete! You can save your file as a .ai file by selecting File > Save As… from the menu bar.

Features of This Course

  • Discover why vector is the key to excellent, effective logo design.
  • Separate immediately between different types of logos according to professional rules.
  • Learn logo design in adobe illustrator — the intermediate level
  • Learn logo design mastery in adobe illustrator free
  • Get valuable insights on color psychology to influence the audience.
  • Create a fantastic mood board to further develop and improve logo ideas.
  • Get Knowledge How to learn illustrator by designing awesome logos free
  • Learn logo design in adobe illustrator — the advanced level free
  • Learn logo design in adobe illustrator – for beginners & beyond free

Logo Design In Adobe Illustrator For Beginners Beyond Course Description

Learn  Logo Design In Adobe Illustrator For Beginners Beyond how to develop logo design sketches sort of a professional.
Find the very best materials to use in the sketching phase.

Discover the way to develop a logo with deep & rich meanings.
Prepare sketches in Illustrator for proper tracing.
Find appropriate color modes on the screen and in print.

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This is a Paid course you download in Free

Learn every basic tool in Illustrator to weave artifacts.
Increase efficiency in Illustrator and its features to explain almost anything.
Expertise in the Almighty Pen Tool to develop excellent symbol designs.
Professionally prepare the Kern and the type for the ultimate aesthetic.
Get married with symbols professionally.

Sit down the taglines so that they appear against the company’s name.
Learn how to design by focusing on optical illusions.
Learn how to paint logos professionally and how to use certain colors.
Learn how to use simple but effective effects with just a few mouse clicks.
Find out how to manage logo design files.

Learn how to make logo design feedback and revisions and finishes.
Get email templates that you can use for your own business.
Learn how to price your logo designs to get more money for your craft.
Learn about the different logo design patterns and their benefits.
Test your skills with a range of projects to complete!
Talk to me at any time in Question & Answer! Show off your work and/or shoot the question!

Logo Design In Adobe Illustrator For Beginners Beyond Requirements

Free Adobe Illustrator Trial Download for Mac or Windows
A scanner or digital camera / iPad / tablet camera is better than photo sketches for identification.
Pencil, Paper & Eraser.
Positive attitude & willingness to learn.

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All you need to get started is a free download of Adobe Illustrator and pencil and paper. From here we go on a journey to create awe-inspiring logos.

If you want to master the design of the right, professional logos more than ever, I’ll see you on the inside!

This Logo Design In Adobe Illustrator For Beginners Beyond course is for:
Ideal for beginners who don’t use Adobe Illustrator or are interested in learning the logo design and logo design business.

Intermediate logo/graphic designers will undoubtedly learn from the course with respect to insight into the professional logo design process.

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