LumaFusion 3 for Beginners – iPhone & iPad

LumaFusion 3 for Beginners – iPhone & iPad paid course free. You will Learn LumaFusion 3 video editing — Learn how to quickly edit iPhone videos. Pro video tips for LumaFusion 3 iOS video editing.

  • How to start a LumaFusion 3 project with the right settings
  • How to edit a video sequence with LumaFusion 3
  • Record a voice over in LumaFusion 3
  • Stabilize video clip in LumaFusion 3
  • LumaFusion 3 video editing Features
  • Find Tool Tips and Split video clips in LumaFusion 3
  • LumaFusion 3 pro video editing tips
  • Edit and trim video clips in LumaFusion 3
  • Adjust speed of a video clip in LumaFusion 3
  • Adjust EQ levels for audio in LumaFusion 3
  • Use Audio Plug-in in LumaFusion 3

LumaFusion 3 for Beginners – iPhone & iPad Course Requirements

  • LumaFusion is a paid App – it runs on all modern iOS devices and the new macs with the M1 chip.
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LumaFusion 3 for Beginners – iPhone & iPad Course Description

LumaFusion 3 is a professional video editing application, if novice users know where to start, they can use it to get great results. This course will guide you step by step in a very intuitive way. You will see the exact location of taps and clicks using the app in each lesson. The lecturer uses a three-camera TV studio to always provide you, the students, with the best seats for the whole family. LumaFusion 3 is suitable for iPhone, iPad, and new Mac with a built-in M1 chip.

It is very powerful, but like other professional video editing applications, using it at first can be daunting. This quick lesson will show you how to use the application to edit videos quickly and intelligently. The second sequence, as shown by the lecturer in the video series. All you need is an iPhone and the LumaFusion 3 application to get started. Watch the video explaining what you should shoot, and use the shooting examples shown in this tutorial as a guide. This exercise will help you use LumaFusion 3 correctly.

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All iPhone and iPad users who shoot videos want to know how to get the best results from this professional application. If you know where to start and how to create compelling video stories, you can edit travel stories, documentaries, commercial videos, promotional videos, and wedding videos smartly and quickly. This course will provide you with a huge advantage in this direction.

This course is taught by Professor Robb Montgomery. Rob’s documentary has won film festivals in Hollywood, Moscow, and Berlin. He is the author of two textbooks: “Smartphone Video Storytelling” and “Mobile News Field Guide”. He teaches mobile journalism seminars at the EFJ Paris School of Journalism, Ohio University, and the Danish School of Journalism. Montgomery is the chairman of the Mobile Journalism Awards and the founder of the Smart Film Academy.

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginner video editors who want to learn how to use LumaFusion like a pro.


LumaFusion 3 for Beginners – iPhone & iPad

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