Master Classes for Web Design Course (HTML CSS JS SEO)

Master Classes for Web Design Course (HTML, CSS, JS, SEO). This course is created by Faisal Zamir for beginner students who want to learn Web Designing from a basic level to reach an advanced level. So in this course, I created videos lectures in such a way that, a beginner will become a good front-end web designer, if he/she take an interest, do hard work, and practices.

Master Classes for Web Design Course (HTML, CSS, JS, SEO) Course Requirements

  • No prerequisite for this course, You should have a laptop with or without internet connection.
  • It is very simple and explained code, specially for Beginners student who have no knowledge of web design throughout

Master Classes for Web Design Course (HTML, CSS, JS, SEO) Course Description

This course is created by Faisal Zamir for beginner students who wish to learn web design from a basic level to reach an advanced level. Therefore, in this course, I created video conferences in such a way that, a beginner will become a good Front-End web designer, if he/she is interested, doing hard work and practice. You know, web design is the process of creating or designing a website using different skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, etc. There are different skills that you should learn if you participate in the website creating a field.

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As in this course, we have added conferences that are much needed for a student. What is included in this course of master web design classes: HTML: HTML is the hypertext marking language that is a basic and fundamental web language to create an abrasion of the website. For example, if you want to create a basic structure, insert any media field, such as image, video or audios, or contour height, or creation and text-based content control, all these activities are carried out with the code of writing in HTML. CSS: CSS is the cascade style sheet, which has the responsibility of the aspect of the website, beauty, and attraction.

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We can not use only HTML for the creation of the website, we must learn CSS, which should not optional. Because without HTML we can not create a website using CSS and without CSS we can not work with HTML. Because the attraction, beauty, and good design of a website is the basic unit of a successful website. There are different topics that you will learn in CSS classes such as margin and fill, animation, text effects, transforming the 2D and 3D drop-down menu, etc. JavaScript: JavaScript is the HWICH programming language is used to counteract the front of a website. It is a famous and necessary web language that is taught by all instructors on online or offline platforms. There is a powerful functionality.

We can get the use of JS with a simple and easy code as the HTML element that controls the use of DOM, the validation of the form, etc. SEO: SEO is the optimization of search engines if you want to classify your website legally to everyone to the audience. You have to market you have to do the market for your website legally. Then, SEO is the technique that follows the legal form of classifying or optimizing its website in the search engines. It is the basic rule of SEO, which has to create a website where search engines are like, as well as your audience.

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Therefore, the website should be easy to use, as well as a friendly search engine. I update the whole course regularly, so you can ask any question at any time, if there is a problem understanding any topic, I can create another version of a conference that deletes your concept. Thank you and do a hard job! To whom this course is for Beginning students who wish to become basic level, web designers.

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