Master The Java Programming Language

Master The Java Programming Language. A Java programming language course can teach students how to create software using the Java language. This course can help students learn how to program in a structured, logical manner and can help them understand the basics of computer science.

Java is a versatile programming language that is used in many different industries. It is one of the most popular languages in the world and has been used to create some of the most successful software companies. If you want to be a successful programmer, mastering Java is essential.

There is no one right way to learn these languages, but if you want to be a successful programmer, mastering both Java and Python is the best way to go.

  • Learn to master the Java programming language.
  • Understand SOLID principles and its application.
  • Gain familiarity with some selected design patterns.

Master The Java Programming Language Course Requirements

  • Good to have atleast basic understanding of programming constructs such as variable declaration, loops, arrays, functions.
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Master The Java Programming Language Course Description

I have a very specific goal in designing this course, being an Architect I do have an additional role of bringing up trainees or freshers upto the speed of the Java development, and in the process I need to device a training plan where they need to understand the most important aspects of Java programming language and understand different aspects of backend development.

This made me design this course to address the first part of it, i.e. the Java programming language, where you will be focused on the most important features of Java programming language and see where and when to apply the features effectively and efficiently.

You many be having questions like, is this course updated to latest editions of Java, such as Java15 etc etc. don’t worry guys you first need to understand the core language features, once you are able to apply the core features rest of the things will fall in place.

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That my experience, versions are fancy terms guys, not every thing is applicable to us, if I feel something really important coming in, then I will certainly try to update that in the course. But anyway I will try to keep you posted on the changes don’t worry.

As an architect I want the trainees to be able to understand the following aspected of Java programming language, you should be able to understand the core language features, think about SOLID principles while designing the code and gain good insights about few selected design patterns. Let me confirm once again guys I won’t be covering all design patterns, I picked few based on my experience and will cover them. All the very best to your Java developer journey, I am with you lets move forward.

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Course Highlights  –

Note – Refer to the Archived section for programming foundations.

  • Object-Oriented Programming features
    • Classes, Objects
    • Constructors
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Abstract classes
    • Interfaces
    • Building Loosely coupled code

  • Exception handling
  • IOStreams
  • SOLID Principles
  • Few selected Design Patterns
    • Builder
    • Singleton
    • Factory Method
    • Template Method
    • Facade
    • Decorator
    • Proxy
      • Remote Proxy
      • Virtual Proxy
      • Protection Proxy
  • Other Java language features like
    • Collections
    • Generics
    • Lambda
    • Streams
    • Reflection API

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners or professionals aspiring to be Java developers.
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