Master SWOT Analysis & Business Strategy for Ongoing Success

Master SWOT Analysis & Business Strategy for Ongoing Success paid course free. A Must-Study Basic MBA course: Essential Business Management and Development Skills for Entrepreneurship

  • How to make a comprehensive SWOT Analysis without missing any key factors
  • How to formula effective strategies by SWOT Analysis
  • How to ensure smooth implementation of strategies and monitor results
  • The SWOT components in details and all the tricky points
  • All what you need to understand regarding SWOT Analysis, including SWOT 2.0 and advanced SWOT model
  • How to overcome the limitations of SWOT Analysis
  • How to generate more ideas and business strategies from the SWOT Analysis
  • How to conduct an effective workshop for SWOT Analysis
  • How to identify all the affected areas during the implementation of business strategies
  • A total of 11 business analysis techniques that are essential for all people working in the business sector

Master SWOT Analysis & Business Strategy for Ongoing Success Course Requirements

  • No special requirement, just a learning mindset
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Master SWOT Analysis & Business Strategy for Ongoing Success Course Description

No matter what kind of business you are in, all organizations want to achieve their goals, such as amazing profits, huge market share, good reputation, etc. They also hope to maintain sustainability and competitiveness in the long term. But how to do it? In this course, we will explore a successful formula to achieve the results you want. We will start with a detailed understanding of SWOT analysis, because you need to fully evaluate your current location before considering how to do it.

You will learn to fully understand the current position of the organization without losing any key factors. You will learn 5 useful techniques to do this, namely MOST analysis, resource audit, BCG matrix, PESTLE analysis and Porter’s five forces model. It is not enough to know your current location.

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Next, you will learn how to use SWOT to analyze and derive your trading strategy. We will go through three stages of business strategy, including training, implementation and performance measurement. You will learn how to successfully execute each part using 5 additional useful techniques, namely the new SWOT analysis, Ansoff matrix, McKinsey 7S model, POPIT model and KPI. You will also learn a simple method, the results framework, to study each strategy in depth and understand the overall situation from another perspective.

All in all, this course is suitable for everyone who wants to help their organization and team succeed. You will learn SWOT analysis in detail, and you will also learn 11 excellent business analysis techniques! All of these are the basic knowledge that all entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs and leaders must know. This is also the basic knowledge of MBA you must have. If you want to learn about all of this, register for the course now!

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Who Is Course

  • Organizations who want to achieve mission and objectives, and be sustainable in the long run
  • Anyone who wants to understand SWOT Analysis and Business Strategy essentials
  • Anyone who wants to drive the Company to achieve the desired goals
  • Anyone who wants to acquire business analysis models (totaling 11 techniques) for their work, studies or interest


Master SWOT Analysis & Business Strategy for Ongoing Success

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