Mastering the System Design Interview

Mastering the System Design Interview. Insider tips for your system design interview from a former Amazon hiring manager – plus 6 mock interviews for practice!

  • Practice working through real-world system design interview questions
  • Apply horizontal scaling to transactions, data storage, analytics, and databases
  • Choose appropriate algorithms and data structures for system designs
  • Structure your interview responses to ensure the best outcomes
  • Approach system design problems from the right angles, and with the right questions.
  • Address the soft skills your interviewer is secretly evaluating you on

Mastering the System Design Interview Course Description

Ace your next system design interview! 

Meet thousands of software engineers, and get tips, tricks, and insights from former Amazon employees who have hired hundreds. Frank Kane will unlock the secrets of the interviewers you are looking for and the skills you need to know. It is practice that makes perfect. So, in addition to real questions from some of the biggest tech vendors, you’ll also get 6 design consulting sessions.

Phone conversations are a straightforward process, and the design process is usually the most difficult. This course prepares you and opens the doors to a new job that can change your life. Up to five hours of video-on-demand content covers what you need to know before starting your next interview.

Distributed system and service bundle extension technology

Database technology and “NoSQL” solution

Use caching to improve scalability and performance

Designed for on and off activities

Distributed storage solution

Identify algorithms and data models

Large files created with Apache Spark

Overview of Cloud Computing Resources

Maintenance strategies for building an interview on systems design

6 full interviews with interview design questions

General info and maintenance tips worked well

This course is for experienced software engineers who need a little more preparation before a more complex design discussion. Register now and enjoy all the benefits of your next interview!

This course includes:
Experienced software engineer or designer ready for design consulting in large companies.

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