Mechanical engineering design: Sheet metal design

Mechanical engineering design: Sheet metal design. Learn Sheet metal design, processes, and practical design considerations along with Design projects.

  • How to design effectively with sheet metal
  • Guidelines to be followed when designing for sheet metal
  • Understand the principles at play behind the factors considered in design
  • How Material properties affect the Part quality and design considerations
  • Designing simple sheet metal brackets using Fusion 360

Mechanical engineering design: Sheet metal design Course Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of Sheet metal processes
  • Fundamental knowledge of Material properties
  • Basic knowledge of physical Product design

Mechanical engineering design: Sheet metal design Course Description

Added 4 design features – simple sheet metal machine design using Auto Desk Fusion 360 for special descriptions. Learn sheet metal design techniques with a solid theoretical understanding of structural design.

This course covers the basic theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to create sheet metal.
general process

Materials and materials essential for the design

Comparison of hardness, toughness, and strength

What to do when files are created or folded?
Create and bend feelings

Formability and foldability of steel plates and the elements affecting them

How to design and create an art gallery

Folding parameters in the design

Type K, centerline, bend angle

The idea of ​​spring return and how to reduce it

deep process

Provides process and comparison

The design process creates reasonable production costs. create a project

So if you are a student exploring the world of manufacturing or a designer who designs sheet metal products, this course might be right for you.

This course For:
Mechanical engineering students study product design and manufacturing
Designers who want to understand metal fabrication first
Professional engineers seeking to expand their experience in sheet metal design

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