MERN eCommerce From Scratch

There are many “ecommerce” courses, but most use some kind of pre-built platform or plugin. In this course, we will create a fully custom ecommerce / shopping cart app from scratch with the MERN stack with the following functionality …
Full-featured shopping cart

Product reviews and ratings

Featured Products Carousel

Products pagination

Product search function

User profile with orders

Administration product management

Admin user management

Admin order details page

Mark orders as a delivery option

Payment process (shipping, payment method, etc.)

PayPal / credit card integration

Custom database seeder script

This is not a documentation type course. This is a jump and get your hands dirty course in which in the end, you have a real project to wear and put in your portfolio. You will learn the following by completing this course. React with functional components and hooks

React router

React-Bootstrap UI Library

How to structure components

Component level status and accessories

Global state management with Redux (actions and reducers)

Using Redux state in components (useDispatch and useSelector)

Creating an extensive backend with Express

Work with a MongoDB and Mongoose ODM database

JWT authentication (JSON web tokens)

Create custom authentication middleware

Custom error handler

Integrating the PayPal API

Environment Variables

Project deployment

Much more!

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