Microsoft Azure DevOps From Scratch – Automate App Lifecycle

Microsoft Azure DevOps From Scratch – Automate App Lifecycle. Create, manage & deploy an application just from the VS code (IDE) with fully automated CI/CD using Azure DevOps. This course is for anyone willing to learn about DevOps and Azure DevOps. DevOps is a culture to facilitate the software development lifecycle whereas Azure DevOps is a SaaS-based product from Microsoft to facilitate the same.

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Using Microsoft Azure DevOps, the lifecycle of a product can be made very easily without much prior knowledge of specific tools like Kubernetes, Docker, servers, etc. A developer can begin to learn Azure DevOps and get his application up and running in a couple of hours.

This course is from scratch, anyone having basic programming experience can start learning it and deploy their web application using Azure DevOps with just a few clicks just from the IDE like VS Code. You will learn end-to-end creation and deployment of applications.

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Following are things one can learn from this course:

  • What is DevOps
  • What is Microsoft Azure DevOps
  • Create Azure DevOps organization and project
  • Learn & create work-items in boards using basic work flow
  • Learn about Queries
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