Mobile Automation using Appium for Android & iOS Devices

Mobile Automation using Appium for Android & iOS Devices. Mobile Automation Testing,Appium, XCUITest, UIAutomator, Katalon, Appium on Android, Appium on iOS, Automating mobile app

What you’ll learn

  • You can work on any project on appium on both Android & iOS
  • Plan, build and execute test automation with Appium
  • Integrate your test scripts with saucelabs
  • Configure jobs in jenkins
  • all real world issues and solutions


  • Basic idea on Manual testing & Mobile Testing
  • Basic idea on Selenium Automation
  • Basic idea on Core JAVA

Mobile Automation Course Description

This course is designed for complete beginners.

Get started with Appium on Android & iOS using JAVA .

If you are a complete beginner on Mobile testing, this course is perfect for you.

At the end of the training you will be in a position to handle any interviews on Mobile automation testing and easily crack interviews and handle any project on Mobile automation

Please find below list of topics that we are going to cover as part of this training program:

On a high level below is the list of items we are covering:

1. Configuring window Machine

2. Configuring MAC Machine

3. Android device automation

4. IOS device automation

5. Cucumber BDD framework

6. Page factory model

7. CI/CD integration

8. Saucelabs integration

9. Core java tutorial

Please find below detailed concepts which we are covering:

overview on core java concepts

Introduction to Appium

Overview of Open Source Mobile Test Automation tools

Free Course:  Functional-style Programming in Java using Lambdas & Streams

Open source Mobile Automation tool Evaluation docs

Automating various scenarios in Android App

Overview on Cucumber BDD framework

Automating app using BDD framework

Overview on Android Driver, desired capabilities

Connecting real device, enabling usb debugging mode, creating simple script

Overview on Appium inspector, Vysor, creating simple script Part 1

Create android Emulator and execute script on emulator

How to handle switches on Android & iOS 

How to handle buttons on Android & iOS 

How to handle text fields on Android & iOS 

Scenario for login to an application

Scenario for creating an account with ecom application

Creating an E2E scenario that handles DropDown, Popup , text fields on ecom application

Switching webview and handling contexts

Identifying locators for the webview

Overview on touch actions with examples

We have also included core java concepts in this tutorial

Cucumber BDD framework

Overview on Page Factory framework with real world examples

Jenkins Master & Slave setup

Saucelabs integration

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to start their career in Mobile automation testing

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