Modeling with ArchiMate and Sparx Enterprise Architect

Modeling with ArchiMate and Sparx Enterprise Architect. Introduction to modeling enterprise architecture with ArchiMate and Sparx Enterprise Architect

What you’ll learn

  • Model enterprises with the architecture language ArchiMate 3
  • Use Sparx Enterprise Architect for ArchiMate
  • Learn about viewpoints, layers, extensions and concepts in ArchiMate
  • Use Sparx Enterprise Architect as an architecture repository and for producing architectural documents


  • Basic knowledge of enterprise architecture
  • Sparx Enterprise Architect installed on a computer (for example the trail version)

Modeling with ArchiMate Course Description

In this course we will demonstrate how to create a simple but full model of an enterprise architecture with ArchiMate and Sparx Enterprise Architect. It is based on a simple case named Alberto and based on that you will get modeling demonstrations. Via the assignments you are able to practice ArchiMate modeling yourself.

We will discuss the ArchiMate model framework, the concepts and relationships and how to use viewpoints in a practical way. For every layer and extension we discuss the relevant concepts and relationships. Furthermore we demonstrate how you can create ArchiMate diagrams for advanced process modeling and for service orientation and data integration.

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For Sparx Enterprise Architect we will demonstrate the functionalities to create ArchiMate diagrams in an efficient manner. Furthermore we demonstrate how this tool can be used as an architecture repository. Two essential addons for Sparx Enterprise architect are demonstrated, Model Expert for model validation and IDEA for modeling assistance and HTML publication.

When you finish the lessons you receive bonus material like the sample model in PDF document. But also as a Sparx Enterprise Architect repository file, so you can jump start modeling with this fully configured repository model, including report definitions, helper scripts and a package structure.

Who this course is for:

  • Enterprise architect
  • Business modeler
  • ArchiMate modeler
  • Sparx Enterprise Architect user

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