MongoDB The Complete Developers Guide 2020

MongoDB The Complete Developers Guide Free Download

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Free Course-MongoDB The Complete Developers Guide Free Download. Write effective and efficient queries to get the data in the format you need

Use all features that assure you that MongoDB is working efficiently with data

No prior knowledge of (any) databases is required
Simple web development or mobile development knowledge will help you, but not necessarily
You can use any operating system – Windows, macOS, Linux, everything works!


It doesn’t matter if you’re building web applications, mobile applications, or anything else, you’re a data scientist – you have to work with data. Storing data, investigating it efficiently, reducing complexity, and optimizing performance are critical tasks.

MongoDB The Complete Developers Guide 2020

MongoDB makes it easy to work with data – it’s built on a philosophy that prioritizes performance and efficiency.

In this course, you will learn about MongoDB from scratch. No previous MongoDB or database experience required!

In detail, you will learn:

… How to perform CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations in MongoDB databases
… How to filter data effectively
… How to work with mongo shell and drivers (eg Node.js driver)
… How to increase performance using indicators (and how to use the right indicators!)
… How to use the amazing “aggregation framework” built-in MongoDB
… What are replica sets and sharpeners

MongoDB The Complete Developers Guide 2020

… How to use MongoDB Atlas – Cloud Solution provided by MongoDB
… How to use Serverless Platform (Stitch) provided by MongoDB
… And with it!
This course is a hands-on course – you will learn how to write code/commands. We work on a variety of example data and use cases, and by the end of the course, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to work with MongoDB on your next project!

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This course is for you, no matter what programming language you want to use, you’ll learn a comprehensive way to interact with MongoDB that is easily applicable to any language.

This course is for you:

… If you are new to MongoDB and databases in general
… If you have some basic database or MongoDB experience – in this course, you have different entry points to choose from!
… If you are a web or mobile app (or desktop app) developer, consider using MongoDB
… If you work with (or are already using) a team planning to use MongoDB
… If you are mainly using SQL based databases and you want to explore the most popular NoSQL alternative
This course is not for you:

… If you are looking for a guide to managing MongoDB servers => This course focuses on the commands/queries you write, not the administrative course. I will show you (in detail) how to use the Cloud MongoDB solution that is ready to use, despite the best practices.

MongoDB The Complete Developers Guide 2020

Who is the target audience?

Developers (or already) developers or data scientists who plan to work with MongoDB
Everyone interested in the NoSQL database
Beginner and advanced MongoDB users who want to explore all the main features

Created by Maximilian Schwarz Mueller, Maximilian Schwarz Mueller
Last updated 1/2020
English [Automatically generated]

Size: 5.77 GB

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