MonoGame: Introduction to C# Game Programming

MonoGame: Introduction to C# Game Programming. You will Learn  from my C# line up covers advanced topics explained by famous games and well known game mechanics.

MonoGame: Introduction to C# Game Programming Course Requirements

  • Humor
  • Beginner Developer Skills

MonoGame: Introduction to C# Game Programming Course Description

Welcome to C# explained by games course. I will take you on my learning journey through the glorious Kingdom of C#.

The kingdom covers: Enums / Structs / Namespaces / Inheritance / Polymorphism / Generics / Lists / LINQ / Dictionaries / Interfaces / Delegates / Events / Anonymous Functions / Lambda Expressions / No more Switch Case / Try Catch Finally / 2 Graduation exercises.

We are going to explore the lands of C# by creating very well-known game mechanics out of our favorite games such as Counter-Strike GO, World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto, Diablo, Age of Empires 2, and many more of your favorite games and non game examples to create mechanics:

  • Magic Spells
  • Inventory System
    • Filtering & Searching Items
    • Using/Consume Items
  • Looting System
  • Army of Knights & Outfitter
  • Lifepoints & Healthsystem
  • Character Creation
  • Highscore Calculation
  • Trading Card Game Evaluation
  • Troop Creation / Recruitment
  • Damage Dealing
  • 2 Graduation Exercises
    • Gandolon the magic mind reader
    • BlackJack With the devil!

Also includes non-game addicted examples

  • Apples
  • Air distance Calculation
  • Bird Breeds
  • Bank Accounts
  • Printer
  • Basic Calculator
  • email account
  • Poker deck Validation

5 Epic Chapters four your learning Adventure:

  • BootCamp 2.0 – Useful Constructs in C#
  • The glory Majesty of C# – Key concepts of C#
  • The Chivalry – Specials of C#
  • The Treasury – Write better Code
  • An old friend with a new foe – Gandolon and the Graduation Exercise

We start our Journey at the Bootcamp2.0 getting equipped for our adventure, head straight into our first celebrity, the majesty of C# shaving his beard, and wander straight to a horsed knight to protect us. This knight shows us his tricks and we can find a way into the treasury to get big booty. Unfortunately, we have to gamble around the booty with the security guy. It is the devil and he offers us to beat him in BlackJack to keep the booty. What’s the booty? Your graduation to become an advanced C# Developer able to fulfill your dream projects!

Who this course is for:

  • Advanced Developers
  • Beginner Developers
  • Intermediate Developers
  • Language changer
  • C# Developers

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MonoGame: Introduction to C# Game Programming

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