Mule 4: API Manager(Configure Proxy/Basic Endpoint/Policies)

Mule 4: API Manager(Configure Proxy/Basic Endpoint/Policies). Learn how to configure API Instances and apply policies.


  • Download and Install Anypoint Studio & Mule Standalone Runtime
  • Basic Understanding of REST/RAML and SOAP/WSDL
  • Basic understanding of creating integration flows in Anypoint Studio
  • Basic Understanding of Cloudhub and Standalone Mule runtime

API Manager Course Description

In this course, you will learn how to configure API Instances from API Manager. You will also learn various Mulesoft Provided policies and Custom Policies.

What this course covers?

  • Configuration of API instances – Basic Endpoint and Proxy Endpoint for REST and SOAP API.
  • Configuration of API instances for Cloudhub and On Premises
  • HTTPS Proxy Endpoint
  • Many Mulesoft Provided Policies
  • Custom Policy
  • (POSTMAN is used for Testing)

What this course does not cover?

  • Many policies are covered but NOT ALL.
  • Installation instructions are not in scope
  • Creating/Updating RAML and WSDL specifications are not in scope
  • Explanation of REST and SOAP API concepts are not in scope.
  • Explanation of Integration flows are not in scope.
  • Explanation of Cloudhub and On Premises Mule Runtime not in scope.
  • Integration flows have hard coded values so no integration with database,Salesforce etc

Details of what you will learn –

  • · Introduction to Basic and Proxy Endpoint Instances
  • · Proxy and Basic Endpoint (REST API) – On Premises
  • · Proxy and Basic Endpoint (REST API) – Cloudhub
  • · HTTPS Proxy endpoint
  • · Proxy and Basic Endpoint (SOAP API) – On Premises
  • · Security Policies
    • Basic Authentication – Simple
    • JSON Threat Protection
    • JWT Validation Policy
  • · Compliance Policies
    • Client Id Enforcement
  • · Troubleshooting Policy
    •  Message Logging
  • · Transformation
    •  Header Injection
  • · Quality of Service Policies
    •    Rate Limiting
    •    Rate Limiting SLA Based
    •    HTTP Caching Policy
  • · Custom Policy
    •   Setup
    •   Code
    •   Deploy
    •   Apply
  • · Policy Related Configuration
    •   Automated Policies
    •   Ordering Policies
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What you’ll learn

  • Configuration of Basic and Proxy Endpoint API Instances
  • Configuration of HTTPS Proxy Endpoint
  • Configuration of API Instances for Cloudhub and OnPremises
  • Many Mulesoft Provided Policies
  • Custom Policy

Who this course is for:

  • MuleSoft Developers

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