MySQL Bootcamp Go from SQL Beginner to Expert (2022)

MySQL Bootcamp Go from SQL Beginner to Expert (2022). Learn SQL database query and Workbench. Perfect for SQL beginners and first-time coders.

What you’ll learn

  • complete My SQL
  • MySQL Introduction Tutorial
  • MySQL Installation & Workbench Tutorial
  • MySQL Create Table Tutorial
  • MySQL Insert Tutorial
  • MySQL INSERT Multiple Rows Tutorial
  • MySQL Constraints Tutorial
  • MySQL SELECT With WHERE Clause Tutorial
  • MySQL AND, OR, NOT Operators Tutorial
  • MySQL IN Operator Tutorial
  • MySQL BETWEEN Operator Tutorial
  • MySQL LIKE Operator & Wildcards Tutorial
  • MySQL Regular Expression
  • MySQL LIMIT & OFFSET Tutorial
  • MySQL Count Sum Min Max Avg Tutorial
  • MySQL DELETE Tutorial
  • MySQL JOIN Tutorial
  • MySQL JOIN Multiple Tables
  • MySQL SubQuery with EXISTS & NOT EXISTS
  • MySQL IF & CASE Statement
  • MySQL Arithmetic Functions
  • MySQL String Functions Tutorial
  • MySQL Date Functions Tutorial
  • MySQL Time Functions Tutorial
  • MySQL ALTER Tutorial


  • No Database, SQL, or MySQL experience needed! Complete beginners to MySQL are welcome.
  • No previous programming language experience required, but it won’t hurt 🙂
  • Any computer will work: Windows, macOS or Linux
  • Basic/Minimal understanding of web development

MySQL Bootcamp Go from SQL Beginner to Expert Course Description

If you want to learn how to gain insights from data but are too intimidated by databases to know where to start, then this course is for you. This course is a gentle but comprehensive introduction to MySQL, one of the most highly in-demand skills in the business sector today. 

Whether you work in sales or marketing, run your own company, or want to build your own apps or websites, mastering MySQL is crucial to answering complex business problems and questions using insights from data.

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Why Learn MySQL

Consistently ranked the most in-demand skill in recent employer surveys, SQL is a fantastic way to increase your income and boost your professional development. So many companies today use MySQL, including Twitter, Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, Github, Kickstarter, Udemy, Slack, and many others. Unsure about the difference between SQL and MySQL? MySQL is the most popular open-source SQL database out there, so it’s a great choice to begin your learning journey. We’ll talk a lot more about the difference between SQL and MySQL in the course, but 95% of what you learn about MySQL in this course will apply to other databases such as Postgres, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

What Can SQL do?

  • SQL can execute queries against a database
  • SQL can retrieve data from a database
  • SQL can insert records in a database
  • SQL can update records in a database
  • SQL can delete records from a database
  • SQL can create new databases
  • SQL can create new tables in a database
  • SQL can create stored procedures in a database
  • SQL can create views in a database
  • SQL can set permissions on tables, procedures, and views

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning SQL to help with their current job or to find a new role. SQL is one of today’s most in-demand skills
  • Developers who are looking to build applications (e.g. social network, ecommerce site) using MySQL
  • Business owners, people in sales, or people in marketing roles who are interested in understanding company data better.

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