NFT Creator & Collector

Becoming an NFT Creator & Collector. Why is an NFT valuable? Keep your account safe. Buy, sell, create NFTs on Ethereum & Tezos. Choosing NFT collections

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what is an NFT and why is it valuable
  • Key NFT concepts
  • How does a crypto wallet work and what are the benefits of using one
  • Create & fund Metamask wallet
  • Create Temple wallet (Tezos)
  • Keep your account safe & spot scam signs
  • What is Ethereum
  • How to choose a collection in which to invest in & what tools to use
  • How to use the largest marketplaces (on Ethereum & Tezos)
  • How to legally use an NFT’s popularity to create a new version of it and gain more than 650.000 USD
  • Step-by-step: buy, sell, create, transfer NFTs on Ethereum blockchain
  • How being part of a collection can get you new items valued over 7.000 USD
  • Step-by-step: buy, sell, create, transfer NFTs on Tezos blockchain
  • Perspectives regarding the NFT space

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  • No minimum requirements for taking this course.
  • Curiosity and will to be part of a new creator economy, that’s all you need.

NFT Creator & Collector Course Description

Learn the NFT key concepts, tools and practices in order to have a smooth introduction into the NFT world.

Build a strong foundation on what NFTs are, their potential and how to become an active part of the NFT space.

  • Keep your account safe & spot scam signs
  • Buy, sell, create, transfer NFTs on Ethereum & Tezos blockchains
  • How to choose a collection in which to invest in & what tools to use
  • See the bigger picture of the NFT space
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Be part of the new creator economy

Creators – whether it’s art, collectibles, music etc. – they now have the chance of being part of a completely new creator economy focused on them rather than on a platform.

When an NFT is created, the artist can set a royalty fee, that will also be written on the blockchain. Whenever a resale happens, a cut of the profits goes to the creator. As the terms are clearly written on the blockchain, there are no intermediaries needed.

This course can also serve as the foundation for the needed knowledge to get a job in the crypto space – e.g., in a DAO focused on NFTs, curator on a marketplace or just a flipper.

Content and Overview

This course contains 29 lectures and 1 hour 5 minutes of content. It’s designed for anyone, regardless of experience level, passionate about any form of art, collectibles, music, gaming etc. who wishes to understand the new, continuously developing, NFT world.

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Firstly, we clarify what an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is, what makes it valuable and what does “fungible” mean. Then, we walk through how to legally use an NFT’s popularity to create a new version of it and gain more than half a million US Dollars.

After understanding some day-to-day concepts, we move to crypto wallets – what are they, why should you use one, how to create one and how to keep your funds safe.

We continue with the home network of NFTs – the Ethereum blockchain -, what makes it special and how to buy, sell, create and transfer NFTs on the largest marketplace, Opensea.

With these mastered, the course will take you through what answers should we have and what tools we use before investing in a collection.

Then, you will learn about the significant progresses Tezos blockchain has made and in what way is it superior to Ethereum. Also, you will be part of the Tezos blockchain as we will go through the same steps we went on Ethereum – create wallet, buy, sell, create, transfer NFTs -, on the largest marketplace on Tezos, Objkt.

Finally, we wrap up the course with some perspectives on the NFT space, how to avoid suffering if your NFT is dropping in price and a fun fact about Cryptopunks.

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There are 5 activities during the course, 4 of them meant to put the newly learned skills into practical use immediately. The last one is a food for thought of which I am really excited to read your answers.

Students completing the course will have the knowledge to create NFT collections and make profits out of selling (their) artwork, as well as being active players in the new creator economy from its incipient blocks.


PS: I have tried to select resources that are both fun and educational; you will find relevant podcasts, articles and Twitter threads. And also what do Steph Curry, Jimmy Fallon and Timbaland have in common.

Credits for (Canva) videos in promo: lucadp, FOTOGRAFIA INC.

Credits for (Pexels) background image: Karl Solano


Who this course is for:

  • Content creators who want to turn their pieces into NFTs
  • Anyone wanting to better understand the infinite possibilities the NFTs bring to the world
  • Investors who want to spot collections with great potential
  • Technical & non-technical persons
  • NFT Collectors

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