NodeJS Introductory Course For Absolute Beginners

KickStart your NodeJS Journey Today. You will learn how to set up NodeJS on a local Machine, write Rest APIs, and Learn About Core Modules in this free course.

NodeJS Introductory Course content

5 sections • 16 lectures • 29m total length

Introduction2 lectures • 2min

  • Welcome To The Course01:08
  • Course Overview00:48
  • Activity1 question

NodeJS! What, Where, Why and Who?3 lectures • 6min

  • Where NodeJS Fits?00:58
  • What is NodeJS? Understanding Blocking vs Non Blocking IO03:30
  • Who Uses NodeJS?01:05
  • Quiz3 questions

Setting Up & Running First NodeJS Program7 lectures • 13min

  • How To Install NodeJS on Windows02:41
  • How To Install NodeJS on Ubuntu02:09
  • Node & NPM01:19
  • REPL02:04
  • Running First NodeJS Program00:36
  • NodeJS Module System & FS Module02:42
  • Running WebServer With NodeJS01:16
  • Quiz1 question

REST API & Express JS2 lectures • 8min

  • REST APIs With Express JS04:28
  • Postman Installation03:11

Outro2 lectures • 1min

  • Outro00:50
  • About NodeJSAcademy00:37


  • Javascript


Kickstart your NodeJS Journey with this course. This course is aimed at absolute beginners who are new to NodeJS. If you are an experienced professional coming back to NodeJS, this acts as a good starting point.

Minimal Requirements:

JavaScript Knowledge. A good JavaScript developer can be a good NodeJS developer.

What to Expect:

Note! This is not a full-fledged course. This course acts as a very good first step for your NodeJS journey. It is a free introductory course of short duration. Don’t expect that this short course covers everything in NodeJS.

Why to Enroll?

This course lays solid foundations in the least possible time. We use animations to make concepts clear. There are quizzes and activities involved. The lessons are short and to the point, so that you can learn more in less time. At any point in time, if you have doubts or questions or just want to say, feel free to ask with the inbuilt feature available.

Why To Learn NodeJS?

NodeJS is an awesome technology. With a single programming language Javascript, you can build a complete application. If you are a good Javascript developer, you can be a good NodeJS developer. The demand for NodeJS developers is growing day by day and it is one of the most popular and loved technologies as per the stack overflow survey. Developers are using NodeJS as part of MERN, MEVN and MEAN stacks to build applications.

The learning curve is not so steep unlike other technologies. We are happy to see you in this course, the first step to your NodeJS journey! We hope you enjoy our course and share your valuable feedback.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for absolute beginners who want to learn NodeJS
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