NSX-T for Complete Beginners (VCTA-NV 2022)

NSX-T for Complete Beginners (VCTA-NV 2022) is an introductory course that teaches the basics of NSX-T. It covers topics such as installing and configuring the platform, deploying applications, managing traffic, and monitoring performance. This course is perfect for beginners who want to learn about NSX-T and how it can help them manage their networks.

NSX-T is a next-generation networking and security platform that provides enterprises with a holistic solution for managing their networks. NSX-T offers many benefits for the data center, including improved performance and agility, reduced complexity, and greater security.

NSX-T enables enterprises to centrally manage their network infrastructure across multiple nodes and platforms. This centralized management reduces the need for complex network deployments and management tools, while also providing enhanced security and resilience. Additionally, NSX-T can scale to support millions of devices in a single platform. This ability to scale ensures that Enterprises can quickly add new devices or applications without affecting overall performance or reliability.

The NSX-T platform provides a comprehensive set of features to secure a data center. It can manage security policies, monitor, and protect resources, and provide incident response capabilities. Additionally, NSX-T can integrate with third-party security solutions to create a comprehensive security solution for the data center.

Disaster recovery is easier with NSX-T because it provides a centralized platform that manages and orchestrates the entire backup and restores the process. With NSX-T, administrators can manage backups from a centralized location, as well as configure instant replication to ensure that data is always available when needed. Additionally, NSX-T allows for automated failover of virtual machines in the event of a failure.

NSX-T for Complete Beginners (VCTA-NV 2022)

You will Learn

  • What benefits does NSX-T bring to the datacenter
  • How NSX-T can secure a datacenter
  • Why Disaster Recovery is easier with NSX-T
  • How to confidently discuss the overall architecture of NSX-T

WHO THIS COURSE IS FOR: This course is designed specifically to not be highly technical. The aim of this course is to teach the basics of NSX-T – why you would use it, what the benefits are, etc. If you are looking for a technical course, take a look at my other NSX-T course. This course is for someone who wants to learn enough about NSX-T to feel comfortable with the architecture, and know the most important features of the solution – but doesn’t need to learn how to set it up just yet!

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  • Are you looking for a SIMPLE introduction to NSX-T?
  • Are you preparing for the VCTA-NV?
  • Are you a sales rep/account executive or presales engineer?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, this is YOUR course!  I’ve taught over 10,000 students NSX-T. The most common thing I have heard is that NSX-T is so different than anything they’ve seen – it can be a little overwhelming.

So in this course, we’ll stick to the basics – we’ll discuss things like:

  • Why should you implement NSX-T
  • What are the basic components of an NSX deployment
  • What are transport nodes, transport zones, and more
  • How does the distributed firewall help secure an environment?
  • How do I plan security policy in NSX-T?
  • ..and a lot more.

My name is Mike Ghazaleh, and I have been teaching NSX-T for several years, and have done it now to students in over 130+ countries! This is what I love to do, and I think you will see that through these (and my other) courses! I strongly believe that these courses should be simple, interesting, and most importantly – useful! You should learn what you need without spending hours staring at PowerPoint slides.

So that said, I hope you give this course a try – I’ll see you there!

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