OET Preparation for Nurses: Writing

OET Preparation for Nurses: Writing paid course free. You will Improve your score in the OET Nursing Writing Sub-test in this complete course.

  • how to approach the OET Writing paper
  • how to understand the case notes
  • how to select the right information to include in your letter
  • what format, style and register to use when writing your letter
  • how to write different types of letters
  • how to expand the case notes into sentences
  • how to express purpose in a letter
  • how the examiners mark your writing
  • what grammar you can include
  • what vocabulary you can include
  • how to create complex sentences
  • what good and bad letters look like
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ROET Preparation for Nurses: Writing Course equirements

  • An upper-intermediate or B2 level of English
  • A desire to achieve a C+ or B grade in the OET Nursing Writing paper

OET Preparation for Nurses: Writing Course Description

This OET nursing writing course was created by experienced OET preparation experts in SLC (Professional Language Course). SLC is the leading OET preparatory course provider in the UK and the first recognized and high-quality OET preparatory provider in Europe, providing courses for thousands of students and healthcare professionals every year.

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Prove. The course is composed of 10 parts, each of which clearly focuses on a specific skill or field that must be mastered in preparation for writing a essay.

Sections 1 through 7 focus on specific skills. They all have an overview video with support manuals and quizzes for you to test your knowledge and learning.

There are three screenshots in Section 8: analyzing and understanding a set of case notes, analyzing and correcting a strong reaction of a student, analyzing and correcting a weak student.

Section 9 focuses on all the key grammatical points you need to consider, and Section 10 covers the key vocabulary areas you may need. You can access this course for life, so you can return at any time.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone preparing for OET Nursing
  • OET candidates who want to score C+ or B in OET Nursing
  • Nurses who want to improve their writing skills

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/oet-preparation-for-nurses-writing/

OET Preparation for Nurses: Writing

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