Playwright with Python for Web Automation Testing

A playwright with Python for Web Automation Testing. Create a professional-grade, scalable Pytest framework from scratch with Parallel execution, Reports, CI/CD, and more

  • Become an expert in Playwright with Python
  • Super intuitive Pytest framework with parallel execution, reporting and CLI commands
  • CI/CD execution with proper password management
  • Tackling different authentication and other sorts of problems


  • No prior knowledge required
  • Windows/Mac/Linux machine

Playwright with Python for Web Automation Testing

Spin up your automation framework from scratch in a matter of days! It’s super fast with Python and pytest.

Then comes Playwright with its nitrogen-fast browser test execution! We are going to blend Playwright capabilities into the pytest framework with the use of markers, fixtures, CLI commands.

In this course we will  cover:

  • Python basics
  • Playwright
  • Pytest
  • project structure
  • page object model
  • reporting
  • parallel execution
  • create our own pytest fixtures for set_up and tear_down methods
  • utilize existing Playwright fixtures
  • deploy our test to CI/CD using GitHub Actions
  • Learn yml syntax
  • Store login passwords securely as GitHub Secrets

Why Playwright?

Playwright enables fast, reliable and capable testing and automation across all modern browsers.

Support for all browsers

  • Test on Chromium, Firefox and WebKit. Playwright has full API coverage for all modern browsers, including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (with Chromium), Apple Safari (with WebKit) and Mozilla Firefox. Test can run in headful and headless modes
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Fast and reliable execution

  • By fast I mean REALLY fast!
  • Auto-wait APIs. Playwright interactions auto-wait for elements to be ready. This improves reliability and simplifies test authoring.
  • Fast isolation with browser contexts. Reuse a single browser instance for multiple isolated execution environments with browser contexts.
  • Resilient element selectors. Playwright can rely on user-facing strings, like text content and accessibility labels to select elements.
  • Multiple domains, pages and frames. Playwright is an out-of-process automation driver that is not limited by the scope of in-page JavaScript execution and can automate scenarios with multiple pages.

Who this course is for:

  • Automation Testers
  • Manual QA Analysts
  • Developers and BAs who want to learn or improve their automation skills


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