Power Automate Desktop RPA for Beginners

Power Automate Desktop RPA for Beginners paid course free. You will Getting started with Power Automate Desktop also called Microsoft Flow Masterclass. best Robotic Process Automation tool

  • You can automate process on your local windows system
  • You can work more effiently and outsource manual tasks
  • You enhance your productivity
  • You learn a new skill which will help you increase your market value when apply for jobs
  • You learn how to use an RPA Tool
  • Another tool from the Micosoft Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate Desktop and Virtual agents)

Power Automate Desktop RPA for Beginners Course Requirements

  • Power Automate Desktop is free if you have a Windows 10 license and a microsoft account
  • You need a windows system (linux and mac is currently not supported)
  • No programming skills required – everything is drag and drop
  • No prior knowledge required – we start from scratch together and get you up to speed

Power Automate Desktop RPA for Beginners Course Description

Hello and welcome to the world of RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Sounds fancy? Yes it is

In this course we dive into the world of Power Automate Desktop. Another great tool from Microsoft which allows us to automate manual processes on our systems. And this includes everything – literally!

Power Automate Desktop allows to automate anything on our desktop –  programs, file creation, microsoft excel and many more things!

The possibilities are endless.

Just imagine who much time and effort can be saved when we use automated flows instead of using manual tasks.

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But wait there is more.

Power Automate Desktop is a free tool. So no additional costs. All we need is a windows 10 license and an active microsoft account. The tool can then be downloaded for free.

But wait there is more.

No coding required. Power Automate Desktop is created for business users. It has a drag and drop interface so you do not need to have any coding/programming skills.

The ease of use allows you to get up to speed in no time and after the course you know everything you need to start applying the tool to your own specific needs.

Excited? You should be. So let’s don’t waste anymore time and  get into it!

(Please note: currently it is based on windows so mac and linux are not supported!)

Who this course is for:

  • You want to automate processes
  • You want to reduce manual tasks
  • You want to enhance your productivity and efficiency
  • You want to learn the Microsoft Power Platform Tools

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/power-automate-desktop-rpa-for-beginners/

Power Automate Desktop RPA for Beginners

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