PowerPivot with Dax Part 2/2

PowerPivot with Dax Part 2/2 paid course free. You will Take your Pivot Dax to a new level. This is PowerPivot with DAX Part2 and it is in continuation to part1. This course will make you superb in PowerPivot DAX Language.

  • This is PowerPivot with DAX Part2 and it is in continuation to part1. This course will make you superb in PowerPivot DAX Lanaguage.
  • This course will give you insight on the importance of DAX in PowerPivot and how it has no comparison with old traditional pivots.
  • You will learn HASONEVALUE Dax
  • You will learn IF statements – Basic to advance
  • How to use SWITCH Dax – Which one is better – IF or SWITCH
  • How to use IF as a calculated column and as a measure and which option is best or should you use when.
  • TOPN Dax for calculating the TOP entries from different date ranges
  • How to customize the pivot fields calculations with grand totals and sub totals
  • In section2 learn about Time Intelligence DAX functions from scratch.
  • Practical examples in day to day life also has been explained .
  • Learn what is DAX Studio
  • How to download it and how to launch it in power pivot
  • Do we really need DAX Studio and for what purposes it can be used.
  • Another amazing DAX – Summarize with practical examples.
  • What is implicit and Explict measures
  • Which one better and why – Implicit or Explicit
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PowerPivot with Dax Part 2/2 Course Requirements

  • You should have seen this course Part1 as this is in continuation to the previous one.
  • You should be familiar with PowerPivot DAX language as this course is not intended for those who lacks knowledge of power pivot.
  • You should have excel 2013 or afterwards versions which supports powerpivot.

PowerPivot with Dax Part 2/2 Course Description

  • This course is a sequence to part1 and in this course we are learning more dax functions, more practical examples and more clarity you will have on fundamentals.
  • Detailed discussion on HASONEVALUE Dax including IF statements
  • What is a VALUES Function and how it can change the pivot calculations by giving you more control.
  • What are implicit and explicit measures and why we should create latter ones.
  • How to write TOPN Dax, one of my favorites.
  • How to Use TOPN in practical scenarios .
  • What is a DAX Studio and how do we download it and use it in Pivots – Challenges and reasons behind using dax studio.
  • Learn the use of IF dax in PowerPivot. From writing simple IF functions to writing IF inside IFs , we are learning everything
  • How to use IF as a calculated column and as a measure. What is the difference between both approaches.
  • What is a SWITCH Dax and how it is used as an alternate of IF Dax.
  • Learn one of the best dax – SUMMARIZE
  • How to use summarize in your grand totals and sub-totals.
  • Learn how to customize calculations for pivot fields and pivot grand totals.
  • Learn how to avoid showing data for few fields and how to show data for other fields.
  • Focus on error messages when they come during calculations . Learn what message says about DAX and correct the formulas accordingly.
  • Time intelligence functions – How to find cumulative sums of sales year wise, or month wise or quarterly basis.
  • How to calculate the closing balance – month wise or year wise
  • How to find the start of the year
  • How to find the end of the year, month or quarter
  • Create calendar table and why it is important before using time intelligence functions and how to edit or create a relationship with main tables.
  • how to add or whatever calculation to be done based on two dates – DATEBETWEEN
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Who this course is for:

  • This course is for those students who have seen my part1 and now ready to learn more advance DAX Functions
  • Students or Working professionals or Business Analysts who work on excel pivots and make summary reports and dashboards all the time can take this course as this will teach them how to fully use the pivot by creating any type of a formula for any type of analysis.
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PowerPivot with Dax Part 2/2

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