Practical Ethical Hacking for Beginners

Practical Ethical Hacking for Beginners paid course free. You will Learn practical skills for ethical hacking & penetration testing with this comprehensive course, no experience necessary in this complete course.

  • Learn how to hack WiFi networks
  • Learn fundamental networking topics such as IP and MAC Addressing, binary numbering, subnetting, and common ports and protocols
  • Learn how to create a virtual lab for following along with the course using free virtualization platforms and tools
  • Learn some of the main tools inside of Kali Linux commonly leveraged by ethical hackers
  • Learn the basics of Linux, including common commands, file permissions, file system navigation, installing updates, and bash scripting
  • Learn the basics of the Python programming language, including strings, variables, functions, conditions, loops, and modules
  • Learn about the legal considerations for ethical hackers and take a look at a sample penetration testing findings report
  • Learn the important steps of hacking methodology used for penetration testing
  • Practice reconnaissance techniques for gathering open-source intelligence (OSINT)
  • Perform scanning and enumeration techniques against web servers in order to gather intelligence and discover vulnerabilities
  • Learn how to gain access by exploiting vulnerabilities and weaknesses
  • Understand techniques for maintaining access and covering your tracks
  • Learn about the top 10 threats to web servers, testing out those vulnerabilities in a lab environment with Kali Linux tools
  • Learn the fundamentals of WiFi technologies

Practical Ethical Hacking for Beginners Course Requirements

  • No prior experience necessary. The only requirements are some basic computer skills and an eagerness to learn.
  • For the WiFi hacking section, you may need to purchase a WiFi adapter that supports monitor and injection mode (depends)
  • You will need a computer that you can run Kali Linux on (either natively or in a virtual machine)

Practical Ethical Hacking for Beginners Course Description

This course is for anybody keen on turning into a moral programmer, regardless of your present ability level. The educational plan is intended for outright fledglings keen on a vocation as a security proficient, starting with the total nuts and bolts of infiltration testing, and advancing to cutting edge points and procedures. Begin today in your Ethical Hacking profession.

The objective of moral hacking is to discover security weaknesses in an association’s advanced frameworks and organizations. The most ideal approach to test the security of this framework is to endeavor to break in through infiltration testing procedures. The expanding measure of prominent digital occurrences keeps on underscoring the requirement for people with these abilities, with work request projected to proceed at a remarkable rate.

The strategies displayed here influence free devices which are clarified all through the course, including guidelines for making your own home lab for training and study. One of the essential instruments you will get comfortable with is Kali Linux, which is a Debian-based Linux appropriation focused on infiltration testing and security evaluating.

This course explores the following topics and more:

–  Networking Basics

–  Creating a Virtual Lab

–  Kali Linux Tools for Penetration Testing

–  Linux Basics

–  Python Basics

–  Penetration Testing Methodology

–  Legal Considerations

–  Report Writing

–  Passive and Active Reconnaissance

–  Scanning and Enumeration

–  Reverse and Bind Shell

–  Automated Payloads and Exploitation

–  Brute Force Attacks

–  Credential Stuffing

–  Password Spraying

–  Tips for Maintaining Access and Covering Tracks

–  Web Server Vulnerabilities

– Wifi Hacking

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in ethical hacking and penetration testing techniques
  • Anyone interested in network security topics
  • IT professionals interested in diversifying or updating their skill set

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Practical Ethical Hacking for Beginners

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