Professional Development as a Researcher

An Overview of the Research Process. Professional Development as a Researcher free course for beginners.

5 sections • 5 lectures • 55m total length

Course Content

An overview of the Research Process1 lecture • 11min

  • Introduction to the research process10:30
  • Research overview quiz3 questions
  • Research Proposal5 questions

Lecture 2 : Literature review1 lecture • 11min

  • Overview of the literature review process10:30

Section 3: Research methodology1 lecture • 11min

  • Research methodology10:30

Section 4: Data Collection1 lecture • 13min

  • Data collection methods13:10

Section 5 : Samples in research1 lecture • 11min

  • Sampling methods10:30


  • An undergraduate degree or equivalent thereof or a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is required
  • Minimun of 60% on a research module, completed in the undergraduate degree
  • A positive attitude towards learning and personal motivation are also basic requirements for the successful completion of this module


This module is aimed at any student who had completed an undergraduate qualification and will prepare you to undertake a research project/Dissertation in the future. Students of this module are required to complete 120 credits of coursework. The course of study is concerned with the theoretical, philosophical, teaching, learning and research foundations in higher education.  Through case studies and action research, students will address critical issues in education, including the politics of pedagogy. No examinations are written for any of the modules. Students are however, expected to complete a portfolio at the end of their module.

Develop research skills.

To develop critical awareness and purposeful application of research methods to a range of problems; and

To encourage the development of the intellectual and personal skills relevant to being an effective researcher.

This module will explore:

· Contemporary issues and debates in research

· Theories/paradigms of research

· Ethics of research

· Reviewing literature and the critical analysis of existing research

· Developing a research question/hypothesis

· Designing appropriate research

· Role and function of the pilot study

· Developing a research proposal

· Access and sampling

· Methods of data collection

· Presentation, analysis and interpretation of data

· Dissemination and publication of research

The purpose of the module is to support the intellectual and research development of postgraduate students and to add value to their research degree experience. The two purposes of research are “to learn something” and “to gather evidence.

The Module will enable learners to:

  • Use research to advise and improve teaching and learning.
  • Undertake reflection and apply acquired knowledge to a related professional field of practice.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to develop themselves as researchers
  • Students who would like to pursue their Masters qualification
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