Python Interactive Algorithmic Trading Assistant with APIs

Python Interactive Algorithmic Trading Assistant with APIs. With Python and trading basics, build your own algorithmic trading assistant/dashboard including broker API integration

  • Build your own Python algorithmic trading assistant using FREE and easily accessible web tools
  • Utilize Anaconda’s Jupyter Lab Python environment
  • Access historical financial data from yfinance, Robinhood and Alpaca using APIs
  • Apply technical indicators to historical financial datasets
  • Build custom algorithmic strategies
  • Interact with broker APIs
  • Build an interactive trading assistant using Plotly/Dash

Python Interactive Algorithmic Trading Assistant with APIs

Utilizing the basics of Python and trading, students in this class will learn to program their own algorithmic trading strategies and how to display them for analysis in an interactive dash assistant. The use of free web tools and API calls removes the leg work normally associated with monitoring multiple securities simultaneously, and running each through your created strategies. Whether you want to be an active or passive investor, long or short-term trader, there is truly something in here for everyone!

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Students should expect a detailed and well-paced course that contains 58 lectures and 19 python notebooks with easy-to-follow examples. This course will differentiate itself not only with content and flow, but with actual take-away coding samples downloadable upon the start of our course. These Python notebooks are free to be used by any students as basic building blocks for their own custom applications or live trading dashboards.

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Throughout our lectures students will:

  • Download and install Anaconda, the world’s most popular Python distribution platform
  • Access historical financial data from yfinance, Robinhood and Alpaca
  • Apply financial technical indicators to analyze historical datasets
  • Analyze multiple technical indicators and pricing action to create multiple trading strategies
  • Interact with broker APIs for portfolio and order analysis, as well as live trade execution
  • Build an interactive Python web assistant using Plotly/Dash
  • Live update their assistants using manual and automatic intervention
  • Automate their application for laborsaving trade execution
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Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for the average trader who needs assistance evaluating multiple securities for trading patterns, but isn’t able to commit to full-time programming or trade analysis
  • Beginner to moderate level traders
  • Beginner level Python programmers
  • Traders wanting to understand broker API integration
  • Python programmers or traders wanting to build Dash/Plotly applications


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