Quantum Computing Essentials

Fundamentals and implementations with hands on Project, Quantum Computing, Quantum Machine Learning, Quantum Mechanics

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about Quantum Gates
  • Designing Quantum Circuits
  • Developing Quantum Experiments and models
  • Evaluating Experiment Results
  • Back-end Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Design – Thinking
  • Quantum Library Implementations
  • Quantum Application Development Guide


  • No programming experience required.


Quantum computers are expected to provide endless opportunities in fields of advanced computing  which will require a exponential fractions of time if done with a classical computer.  Richard Feynman proposed the concept in the 1980s, but he was told that it would take decades to develop practical quantum computers. However, the Canadian company D-Wave Systems took a totally new approach, and in 2011 it launched the world’s first commercial quantum computer. Since then major players in computing segments have made several new advances in quantum computing and continue to do so with this , there has never been a surge like before and more and more solutions are being solved with this platform . As the awareness grows so does the need to explore.

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To learn the basics of quantum computing and their practical implementations with guided activity and next milestones.

Learning Outcomes :

  • Learn about Quantum Gates​
  • Designing Quantum Circuits​
  • Developing Quantum Experiments​
  • Evaluating End Results​
  • Back-end Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Library Implementations
  • Quantum Design – Thinking

As more and more possibilities grow in field of quantum computing there is a surge in new developers, also possibilities are only growing with more attention on computation potentials and unique applications.

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This course will teach you from the very beginning , explaining you simple terminology and operations then we will move to other milestone in a step wise process thus adapting you for newer challenges .

Also the length of course is not too long to procrastinate , you can finish it in one go .

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I will advice you to do some researches and activities advised while learning to have an enriching experience.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in quantum computing.

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