React Hooks Tips Only the Pros Know

React Hooks Tips Only the Pros Know paid course free. You will Learn all the ins and outs of React hooks with TypeScript in this complete course.

  • Getting started with React functional components and Hooks.
  • Go beyond the basic use cases with React Hooks.
  • Create custom React Hooks.
  • Understand why you need to follow the rules of React Hooks.
  • Understand how Hooks are implemented in the React source code.
  • How to combine React Hooks with other React features in a more complex scenario.
  • How to use React Hooks with TypeScript.

React Hooks Tips Only the Pros Know Course Requirements

  • A basic understanding of React and functional components is required.
  • A computer with Node, NPM, a modern browser like Chrome or FireFox and a code editor you like is required.
  • A basic understanding of TypeScript is useful but not required.
  • Any previous experience with React Hooks is not required.

React Hooks Tips Only the Pros Know Course Description

Like React but not familiar with API Hooks? Already using React Hooks but not sure if you are doing the right thing? Or sometimes you will stumble upon some details of React Hooks? Adding the Hooks API to React is a considerable change.

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Before React Hooks, most components had to be class-based. Now with hooks, these are usually simpler functional components. Hooks are really easy to use. It almost seems simple. Because there are still many ways to go wrong with React Hooks.

It turns out that by better understanding how each React Hook is used, you can improve your components in many ways. In this course, we will not only see how to use React Hooks. We will also go deep behind the scenes and delve into the React source code and React ESLint rules to understand why hooks work the way they do. My name is Maurice de Beijer, and I like React. Since the first release of React Hooks, I have been using them. In this video course, I want to teach you everything about using React Hooks. In this course, you will learn a lot.

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You will understand the advantages and disadvantages of various hooks. You will learn when to use useState() and useReducer(). We will see how to use useContext() efficiently. You will see when to use useLayoutEffect() and when to useEffect() is better. We will also introduce the creation of various reusable custom hooks. In the last section, we will combine everything we have learned into a more comprehensive library of utilities to show how they fit together. I will use TypeScript for most of the course, so maybe you can also learn some skills there.

Therefore, please bring your laptop to join my interactive course. Is this course right for you? Have you never used React hooks before? No problem, we will start from the beginning. Already using React Hooks but want to learn more? candy.

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New to TypeScript? no problem. Do you have a reasonable understanding of React? Great, you have the necessary knowledge. Do you also have a computer with a modern browser and code editor? Great, you can go now.

Who this course is for:

  • React developers wanting to learn how to use Hooks.
  • Developers that want to understand how React Hooks work under the hood.


React Hooks Tips Only the Pros Know

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