React styled components v5 (2022 edition)

React styled components v5 aid course free. You will Learn Ditch CSS stylesheets! Learn CSS in JS to quickly and cleanly style React components with the styled-components library

  • Increase your value as a React developer.
  • Convert or create new React apps using the the CSS-in-JS styled-components library.
  • Style React apps using a newer, cleaner, and more efficient method with Styled Components.
  • Use Animations with styled components
  • Create component variations using props (e.g. large / small / primary / secondary Button)
  • Create different themes with a theme toggle component to apply a light & dark theme
  • Implement third party fonts using Google fonts
  • Learn how styled components can interact with ordinary React components & React hooks
  • Create a mobile-first responsive layout

React styled components v5 Course Requirements

  • You should already know some simple ES6 syntax and already have worked with the React framework.

React styled components v5 Course Description

**React styled components – COURSE UPDATE MARCH 2021**:

  • **Updated course to version 5 of React styled-components.**

This stylish component course is the next step for React developers, who hope to increase their value as front-end developers by getting rid of unusual CSS class names and structures, messy CSS imports, and CSS class naming conflicts. Use CSS-in-JS styling component library to embrace the best way to design React applications!

The stylish component framework allows you to write actual CSS in JavaScript. This means that you can use all the CSS functions you like to handle styling components, including (but not limited to) media queries, all pseudo-selectors, nesting, etc. In this stylish component course, we will create a very basic 2-page mobile application using create-react-app.

We will use stylish components to design our entire application, including applying global styles, implementing third-party fonts using Google fonts, creating universal responsive and mobile layouts, and creating components through attachments (for example, large buttons or small buttons) Variations, implement theme switching components and switch our application between “bright” and “dark” modes, and use stylish components to implement animations. React takes the traditional view/view model approach to web development and combines them into one, while still maintaining code modularity and single responsibility.

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The styled component can be seen as an extension of it, and the style is also introduced into the JS file. They all have a one-to-one relationship, so as long as they remain modular, they can be combined. This React-style component course will help you understand the power of this approach and show you how to build these components.

Other students’ evaluation of this React style component course: 5/5 stars-“Good course, improved my understanding of style components-components.”-Osborne Tunde 5/5 stars-“I like this course, it is for me Very helpful and helped me finally understand how components work with styles.

I definitely recommend this course and will return to future Tom courses. This is an excellent lecturer. Thank you!” —Alex Pavlov5/5 stars ——”I like this course, Tom is very easy to accept students’ questions.

Without copying and pasting the code, we know that all students don’t like it. With so much new information and a way of writing components, I really like it, And will implement it in my project 🙂 Thank you Tom for helping us! “- Kadek Pradnyana 5/5 stars-” Wonderful introduction to the fashionable components in React.

Browse through each of the most common scenarios to help you get started. Great course! “- Memo Ramirez5 / 5 stars-” An excellent introduction to how to design React components. “- Ian Taite5/5 stars-” I don’t know if this is possible. Unbelievable” (translation)-Alex

Who this course is for:

  • React developers using traditional styling with CSS or SASS stylesheets who want to learn a better and cleaner approach; using the CSS-in-JS React styled-components library.


React styled components v5

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