Responsive Design HTML CSS Web Design Dreamweaver CC

Free Download Responsive Design HTML CSS Web Design Dreamweaver CC free download paid course.

39 lectures for 3 hours + well-structured content!
You will learn how to build a responsive portfolio website from scratch.

Learn how to download a drawing from Illustrator and create an effective website.

How to use templates in Dreamweaver.
Create mobile, tablet, and desktop models for the website.
Create our responsive navigation with the way it responds to the burger menu
Introduction to JavaScript and jQuery.

How to publish your website online.
Ways to preview your plans on your mobile device.
How to get the most out of your Photos portfolio.

You will find the finished files so you never fall behind.
Hot fitness files & cheat sheet.
Sponsorship for the forum to myself and all other BYOL staff.
All the techniques used by trained website designers.

Responsive Design HTML CSS Web Design Dreamweaver CC


You will need a copy of Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 or higher. The free trial can be downloaded from Adobe.
No previous web design skills required.
No previous Dreamweaver skills required.
Hi there, my name is Dan and together we will build a portfolio website using Adobe Dreamweaver.

Responsive Design HTML CSS Web Design Dreamweaver CC

We will use Dreamweaver’s advanced repair tools to make updates to our site much easier. We will build our ‘Burger’ mobile menu from scratch to learn some JavaScript and jQuery.

I am an Adobe Certified Instructor and better yet work closely with Adobe themselves to develop their online help videos. I’m a Dreamweaver speaker at the biggest Adobe Max conference in Las Vegas. I’m in and out of your Dreamweaver version now … keep trying it … open Dreamweaver> Go help> quick tutorial – here I am!

This course for beginners. You do not need any previous knowledge of Dreamweaver or web design. We will use the Dreamweaver ‘split’ view to enable us to use all the best viewing tools and make some simple corrections here in this code.

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In this series, we will take this static design from Illustrator or Photoshop and together, step by step, we’ve built it all into HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript. We’re going to do some design navigation for you. We’ll make changes so everything looks better on different mobile devices.

We’ll work on fonts and colors and even incorporate Google Analytics into our site to get amazing information about who visits your site.

Responsive Design HTML CSS Web Design Dreamweaver CC

Now web design can sometimes be tricky so I’m here to help – just text me if you get stuck. There are also fitness files so you can follow along with them. I even save a complete copy of the website at the end of every video to check yours again if you are not working properly.

Responsive Design HTML CSS Web Design Dreamweaver CC

Let’s finally be happy to be able to build a website like a professional web designer. We’ll see you in class.

Whose course is this:
YES: This course is for beginners. It is aimed at young people in the world of web design. No previous Dreamweaver experience required.

NO: This course is not suitable for people with experience using HTML & CSS.

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