Retaining Walls Analysis & Design

Retaining Walls Analysis & Design paid course free. You will Learn how to design Concrete Retaining walls against Earth pressure and Earthquakes in this complete course.

  • Retaining Walls Types
  • Active Earth Pressure
  • Passive Earth Pressure
  • At Rest Earth Pressure
  • Soil Shear Strength
  • Rankine Theory
  • Coulomb’s Theory
  • Surcharge Earth Pressure
  • Stability Checks – Sliding, Overturning, Bearing Stress)
  • Earthquake Earth Pressure
  • Toe, Heel & Stem Design

Retaining Walls Analysis & Design Course Requirements

  • Only Civil Engineering Background is needed

Retaining Walls Analysis & Design Course Description

You will learn about the behavior of a concrete retaining wall and how it resists different types of loads, such as lateral earth pressure, water pressure, surge and seismic loads. We will first explain all the different types of retaining walls, such as gravity walls and stone cages. Walls, cantilever walls and anti-fortress walls and when to use them.

Then we will elaborate on the three types of earth pressure (active, passive and static) and different calculation methods (Rankine and Coulomb) and when to use them. For each one, we will then review the wall design verification related to sliding, overturning and load-bearing capabilities.

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All theories and concepts will be explained using very neat sketches and graphics prepared specifically for this course, so that you will be very clear in the learning process.

All the above will be explained through many solved examples to better understand the theory and How to apply them correctly, the last chapter addresses the seismic behavior of retaining walls during an earthquake and how to calculate the additional seismic force acting on the wall. In this course, you will be able to analyze and design any type of retaining wall and use the theory of pr to properly ground it during the design process.

Who this course is for:

  • Civil Engineers


Retaining Walls Analysis & Design

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