Reverse Engineering: IDA For Beginners

Reverse Engineering: IDA For Beginners paid course free. You will Learn to use IDA Pro Free to do Reverse Engineering on Linux and Windows in this complete course.

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Assembly Language
  • Remnux Linux IDA
  • Windows IDA
  • File, Strings and Hexeditor Analysis
  • Converting Data, Renaming Labels and Variables
  • Inserting Comments
  • Creating Data Structures
  • Decompiling Binary to C code
  • Debugging using IDA
  • Patching Files
  • Register and Memory Analysis
  • Python Scripting For Reversing Algorithms
  • Creating Keygens
  • Cracking Windows Crackmes
  • Reversing Jumps
  • Using NOPs to disable instructions
  • Extending Trial Period beyond 30 days
  • Intermodular Call Method
  • Dynamic Analysis to Confirm Algorithms
  • Linux and Windows API
  • Algorithm Analysis and Testing
  • Creating Keygens
  • Setting breakpoints and stepping through code
  • and more

Reverse Engineering: IDA For Beginners Course Requirements

  • Basic Assembly Language , C Programming and Python would be useful
  • Windows PC
  • Familiar with basic Linux commands

Reverse Engineering: IDA For Beginners Course Description

In the event that you are an amateur to Reverse Engineering and need to figure out how to utilize IDA Pro to figure out and investigate Linux and Windows programs, then, at that point this is the course for you. In this course, you will a CTF (Capture The Flag) game – for Linux while learning figuring out. This makes learning fun and exciting.This will show you every one of the essential abilities for switching on IDA, eg, how to rename names, embed remarks, convert information, make works and examine get together code. We will utilize the Free form of IDA so anybody can track with without going through cash to purchase the Pro form. After that we will move to Windows and Reverse Engineer five Windows Crackme’s.

IDA Pro is perhaps the most broadly utilized Disassembler for Reverse Engineering, Malware Analysis and Exploits examination. In this course we will learn IDA by settling Linux and windows CrackMe. A CrackMe is a little program intended to test a developer’s figuring out abilities. This course is a prologue to Reverse Engineering for any individual who needs to begin in this field. It is reasonable for programming engineers who need to figure out how programming functions inside. This course will outfit you with the information and ability to utilize IDA notwithstanding whatever different instruments you may as of now be acquainted with. It is additionally appropriate for supreme fledglings with no information on turning around, as I will take you from zero to essentials.

I will get going with telling you the best way to introduce Oracle Virtual Box. Then, at that point, introducing Remnux Linux in the Virtual Box followed by IDA for Linux. Then, at that point, we will figure out Linux executable documents. In a later segment, we will move to introducing IDA on Windows and keep figuring out how to figure out windows records utilizing IDA.

Before the finish of this course, you will have the essential abilities to begin switching and examining Linux and Windows pairs utilizing IDA.

What you will learn:

  • How to disassemble programs into assembly code
  • How to decompile programs to C code
  • Static Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis using IDA’s Debugger
  • Patch files using IDA
  • Understand Linux and Windows API’s
  • Identify entry points and functions
  • Using NOPs and Reversing Jumps
  • Reverse Crackmes and Patch them
  • Learn to Assemble Instructions and Patch Bytes
  • Algorithm Analysis and Testing
  • Using Python to create solutions and keygens to crackmes
  • and more

Suitable for:

  • Anyone interested to learn to use IDA for Reverse Engineering Linux  and Windows executable files.
  • Students thinking of getting into Reverse Engineering or Malware Analysis as a Career Path


  • Assembly Language, C Programming and Python would be helpful
  • Windows PC
  • Basic Linux Commands

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested to learn to use IDA for Reverse Engineering Linux & Windows executables
  • Students thinking of getting into Reverse Engineering or Malware Analysis as a Carreer Path


Reverse Engineering: IDA For Beginners

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