ROS2 Ultimate Course for Starters

ROS2 Ultimate Course for Starters free download paid course. You will Start your ROS Developer Journey by Building Custom Robot, Nodes, Workspaces, and Packages

  • 🚘 : Build your Custom Mobile Robots (Dolly)
  • ⌚Work Directly on Custom robot packages and projects
  • 📸 Add Camera and Lidar Sensors to your Robots
  • 🧿 Understand details on Custom Nodes , Joint State Publisher , Robot State Publisher and MORE for You Custom Robots
  • 🐍 Ros2 workflow with Python
  • 🕵️‍♂️ Get an Insight how popular robot packages are Built

ROS2 Ultimate Course for Starters Requirements

  • Basic Python
  • ROS1 Basic Knowledge
  • Motivation for Robotics with ROS
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ROS2 Ultimate Course for Starters Description

This Course is on ROS2 Foxy Fritzoy on Linux. If you are interested in learning the fast-growing technology then this course is for you !.

Outcomes After this Course: You can create

  • Custom Workspace
  • Custom Python Packages
  • Custom Python Nodes
  • Message Publishing Bandwidth and Frequency
  • Creation of Robot through URDF in XML
  • Launch files
  • RVIZ2 and Gazebo Simulation Fundamentals
  • Adding Virtual Sensors to your Robot
    • Camera
    • Lidar
    • Driving Differential Drive Control

Process of Explanation

  1. Theory for Concepts building with interactive Writing and Comments
  2. Writing Code for the nodes and concepts discussed
  3. Analyzing the output and noting the resources utilized
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Course flow I will first teach you some basic knowledge of ROS2 with the help of the built-in ROS2 software package “TurtleSim”. Then we will start to turn to very useful concepts, namely nodes, packages, topics, messages, etc. This will lead us to create our new package “Dolly”, which is the car we will create from scratch using URDF XML syntax.

Next, we will create your Gazebo and RVIZ2 3D simulators. Using these simulators, adding virtual sensors to your robot will open up endless project possibilities. Disclaimer This course is just the beginning of ROS2, you will not become a developer immediately. However, it will still put you on the path of how to enter ROS and learn for your project.

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Who this course is for:

  • Robotics Developers
  • Robotics Enthusiast


ROS2 Ultimate Course for Starters

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