Salesforce Devops With Salesforce DX

Salesforce Devops With Salesforce DX free download paid course from google drive. You will Implement Salesforce DevOps with Salesforce DX in easy steps in this complete course.

  • Salesforce DX
  • Use GIT in salesforce
  • Apex Debugging
  • Using GitHub in Salesforce
  • Continuous Integration
  • Salesforce Branching Strategy
  • Salesforce CLI Command
  • Source Control Management (SCM) with SFDX
  • Data Manipulation & Export/Import relational records using DX
  • Power of VsCode with Salesforce DX

Salesforce Devops With Salesforce DX Course Requirements

  • salesforce Admin
  • salesforce developer

Salesforce Devops With Salesforce DX Course Description

Salesforce DX is Salesforce’s new tool for Salesforce Development and is essential to your success in coding on the Salesforce platform.

You will learn salesforce Devops with Salesforce DX in detail where we will start from compete basic of setting of various tools for salesforce DX and devops.

Step by step process starting from signing up Salesforce Org to configuring Continuous integration to build the code with Jenkin.

We will learn many SFDX CLI commands and how can use efficiently with VS code and Command terminal

Simple way to setup GIT,GITHUB,JENKIN, VS CODE, Apex Replay Debugger and many more plugin to make you excellent in salesforce DX development process.

Most important, You will get detail explanation of salesforce development branching strategy and how can accommodate with version control and that you can implement this easily

This course is designed for all level of Salesforce Developer, Admin and Architect. Where Developer will learn about how to use Command Line , Admin will learn how to take advantage of SFDX with the help of VsCode and Architect will learn about development process using devops.

Hey why to think now, you are at the correct course to move your salesforce journey to next level with learning Salesforce Devops with Salesforce DX.

Who this course is for:

  • salesforce
  • salesforce Consultant
  • salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce architect
  • salesforce Admin


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