Software Development for Ardupilot Powered Unmanned Systems

Software Development for Ardupilot Powered Unmanned Systems. Learn how to develop autonomous mission control software that communicates with Ardupilot autopilot software system

  • Understand and gain experience the capabilities and features of the Ardupilot autopilot software system
  • Develop custom mission software that communicates with autopilot
  • Ability to setup and run Ardupilot autopilot simulation environment
  • Ability to read telemetry data and give commands to autopilot by communicating with Ardupilot using Python programming language
  • Creating Python scripts with Dronekit library that communicates with Ardupilot
  • Ability to develop custom Python scripts with PyMAVLink and understanding the MAVLink protocol
  • Learn how to use the MAVProxy Command Line Ground Control Station and what it does
  • Autopilot onboard software development using LUA programming language
  • Custom embedded software development with Ardupilot autopilot software system

Software Development for Ardupilot Powered Unmanned Systems Course Requirements

  • Having an average knowledge with unmanned autonomous systems
  • Entry level or above Python programming language skills
  • Some basic experiences with the Linux operating system

Software Development for Ardupilot Powered Unmanned Systems Course Description

Self-regulation, no technology is an important part of technological and technical curiosity in today’s world. All automatic control systems require a driver who controls the behavior and operation of the automatic control system and controls the platform in a semi-autonomous or fully autonomous manner.

The ArduPilot project provides a reliable and advanced open source autopilot software system with full functionality. The Ardupilot software system can control almost any vehicle that needs it. Airplanes and VTOLs, gliders, multi-rotors, helicopters, sailboats, motor boats, submarines, land vehicles and even equivalent robots. The types of support vehicles are expanding as the use of boxes for new and emerging platforms emerges. This course covers some of the most important aspects of software development for the management and management of unmanned systems based on the Ardupilot autopilot software system.
In this course you will learn:

You can configure and run the Ardupilot autopilot simulation environment.
Use the Dronekit library to create Python programming language scripts that communicate with the Ardupilot software system.
It uses the Python programming language and the PyMAVLink library to understand MAVLink languages ​​and create scripts.
Learn how to use MAVProxy to perform a ground check and how to do it. Automate embedded software development using the LUA programming language.

Installation of custom on-board software using the Ardupilot autopilot software system.
The courses also include design examples, features, and additional resources to gain hands-on experience with Ardupilot autopilot software systems.

This course includes:
Software developers and engineers work on unmanned stand-alone systems
The companies are involved in the Unmanned Autonomous Driving Systems (UAS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and UAV industries.
Amateurs and enthusiasts with ideas to extend the capabilities of remote control vehicles
Students or teams participate in competitions involving unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and drones.

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