SOLID Principles of Object Oriented Design

SOLID Principles of Object Oriented Design paid course free for all. You will become a Master in all SOLID principles and write clean and well-designed code in Object-Oriented Languages in less than 2 hours.

  • Learn how to follow SOLID principles
  • Develop an intuitive understanding of SOLID principles
  • Discover how to design and write robust and maintainable object-oriented code Develop an intuitive understanding of SOLID principles
  • Understand what is Object Oriented Design and its components


  • There are no prerequisites for taking this course

SOLID Principles of Object Oriented Design Course Description

In this course, you will master the STRONG principles-a set of guidelines for designing clean and maintainable software systems. By learning the principles of SOLID, you will have a deeper understanding of the magnificent world of software architecture. 

SOLID principles incorporate more than 40 years of academic research and industry experience, refined by several generations of software developers. Therefore, by mastering the SOLID principles, you will learn common and time-tested tools to provide your users with high-quality software. 

Anyone can code. However, the difference between professional software engineers and amateur coders lies in the design and coding level of the final product. The quality of the code is difficult to achieve. Unfortunately, most programmers dnot understand the basics of software design when they start directly. 

This course will help new programmers and mature programmers who want to learn better design and write high-quality code. It is very important to thoroughly understand the basic concepts of SOLID. Once you have the right foundation, writing high-quality code will happen naturally.

There are lot of free YouTube videos on SOLID, but they try to teach you part bpart and dont choose the right analogy and code snippets. What you need is a whole picture, which is what this course aims to provide. I spent a lot of time and energy creating the content of this course.

Every concept, every analogy, every code example has been carefully selected, and the design principles are kept in mind. Whenever possible, I use graphic illustrations and realworld analogies to emphasize this point: no-nonsense, no rants, no empty talk. I respect your time. The course materials are concise, but comprehensive in content. Covers all important concepts. In-depth introduction to particularly important topics. Take this course, you will be satisfied!

Who this course is for:

  • Any programmer who wants to write more maintainable and optimal code


SOLID Principles of Object Oriented Design

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