Spring Boot for Automation Testing – UI and Microservices

Spring Boot for Automation Testing – UI and Microservices free download paid course from google drive. You will Automate application with the power of Spring Boot framework for UI and Microservices in this complete course.

  • Spring Boot Basics for Automation testing
  • Spring boot with Selenium and Cucumber
  • Spring boot Microservices app development
  • Spring boot Microservice testing

Spring Boot for Automation Testing – UI and Microservices Course Requirements

  • Basic knowledge on Java
  • Basic knowledge on Selenium and RestAssured API

Spring Boot for Automation Testing – UI and Microservices Course Description

Spring boot for Automation testing course (UI and Microservices) courseis designed to address some of the common and basic understanding of how to fuse Spring boot framework with automation testing tools like Selenium to perform UI automation and test Microservices based application using different toolings and techniques.

This course helps anyone who has ZERO knowledge in the Spring boot framework to get started with Spring boot for automation testing in a super easy and straight forward manner in both UI tech like Selenium and Microservices testing tech like RestAssured and TestRestTemplate and MockMvc

This course has the following sections

1. Spring boot Basics

This section starts by creating a Spring boot project and writing the classical Selenium Java code and make a complete understanding of how to use Spring boot by giving idea on

a. Dependency Injection

b. Constructor injection

c. Field level injection

d. Value injection

e. Working with profiles and more.

2. Spring boot for Selenium automation.

This section fully focuses on the learnings from Section 1 and implement with the Selenium test framework

3. Spring boot for Selenium and Cucumber Integration

This section will focus on integrating Cucumber BDD with Selenium and Spring boot framework

4. Developing Microservice application with Spring boot

This section is all about developing an complete Spring boot microservice application from ground up, which will then be used for testing in next section

5. Testing Microservice application with Spring boot and RestAssured

In this section, we will be testing the application developed in Section 4 using

  • RestAssured
  • TestRestTemplate
  • MockMvc

6. RestAssured Crash Course

This section is an complete course covered in YouTube series and bought into this course to make everyone who are taking this course to understand how to work with RestAssured in Java and how you could do the same in Spring boot as well.

And the end of the course, you will have a complete basic understanding of Spring boot to perform automation testing.

Who this course is for:

  • QA
  • BA
  • Dev
  • DevOps

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/spring-boot-testing/

Instructor: Karthik KK

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