Svelte.js – The Complete Guide (incl. Sapper.js)

Svelte.js – The Complete Guide (incl. Sapper.js). Svelte.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that helps you create responsive websites. In this course, you’ll learn how to use Svelte.js to create a responsive website from scratch. You’ll also learn how to use Sapper.js, a powerful tool that makes responsive design easy and fun. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to create responsive websites using Svelte.js and Sapper.js

Svelte.JS is a lightweight JavaScript library that makes working with responsive web design easier. It includes support for the popular responsive grid system, flexbox, and animations.

Svelte.Js is a lightweight JavaScript library that makes working with responsive web design easier. It includes support for the popular responsive grid system, flexbox, and animations. This guide covers everything you need to know to get started using Svelte.JS in your projects.

Svelte.JS uses a modular approach to make it easy to add new features or modify existing ones. This means that you can use Svelte without having to understand the underlying codebase (although understanding how it works is certainly helpful!). All of the core functionality is implemented in modules, so you can access them using the import keyword (or require() if you’re using Node).  

  • SvelteJS from scratch, with zero knowledge, assumed
  • All the theory and practical applications of Svelte
  • Core concepts and advanced techniques to build Svelte applications
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Svelte.js – The Complete Guide (incl. Sapper.js) Course Requirements

  • Basic JavaScript knowledge is required
  • NO prior knowledge about SvelteJS or any other JavaScript framework or library is required

Svelte.js – The Complete Guide (incl. Sapper.js) Course Description

Svelte.js (or just “Svelte”) is a modern JavaScript compiler that allows you to write easy-to-understand JavaScript code which is then compiled to highly efficient code that runs in the browser.

You’ll write your frontend application using normal JavaScript, following specific rules laid out by Svelte (which are of course taught in this course). As a result, the Svelte compiler will produce a small and highly optimized JavaScript bundle that can be deployed.

In this course, you’ll learn all about Svelte, how it works, its core features, and how to run your final app on a real server!

Svelte.js is a tool for building highly reactive, modern user interfaces for the web – and it’s a great alternative to JavaScript frameworks and libraries like React.js, Angular, or Vue.

What will you learn?

  • What is Svelte and why would you use it?
  • All the core features and base syntax
  • How to render conditional and list content
  • How to write reactive and fast web applications
  • All about components, how to pass data around and how to create re-usable building blocks
  • How to efficiently manage data in your application via Svelte stores
  • How to reach out to a backend server and send + fetch data
  • How to pre-render your app on a server and improve SEO
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Is this course for you?

Svelte is a popular alternative to React.js, Angular and Vue and learning it will benefit any frontend web developer.

You don’t need to know these frameworks to learn Svelte though – but if you do know them, you’ll learn about an interesting alternative which might allow you to build your web projects with less code (and get an even faster app along the way!).

You need NO advanced JavaScript knowledge, basic knowledge will do.

If you’re interested in building modern, reactive user interfaces that load quickly and run fast, SvelteJS is a tool you shouldn’t overlook!

What’s in the course?

  • Learn Svelte from scratch – zero knowledge assumed!
  • Theory and practice modules
  • A complete course project (the “meetup planner”)
  • Assignments and tasks
  • All source code is attached to lectures and modules
  • 30 day trial phase – get your money back with no questions asked if you’re not happy!
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Who’s teaching you?

My name is Maximilian Schwarzmüller and I’m teaching a broad variety of web & mobile development topics here on Udemy. I immediately loved Svelte when I learned about it since it fills an important gap between vanilla JavaScript and frameworks like Angular, React or Vue.

It can be used to replace these frameworks or to enhance apps built with them – and I simply love lightweight apps and clean syntax rules.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and advanced JavaScript students who are interested in writing high-performance frontend applications
  • Students who already know modern JavaScript frameworks and want to learn about a lightweight, production-ready alternative


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