Tableau Fundamentals for Beginners Crash Course 2022

Tableau Fundamentals for Beginners Crash Course. Tableau is quickly becoming one of the most popular data visualization tools in the world. It’s easy to learn and makes it easy to explore your data in a way that can help you see patterns or insights you may not have seen before. In this Tableau Fundamentals for Beginners Crash Course, you will learn how to use Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public to create visualizations. We will also cover some best practices for creating effective visualizations that help you understand your data.

This course introduces you to the basics of data analysis and visualization. First, we’ll walk you through some hands-on exercises that will help you get started with Tableau. Then, we’ll discuss some important concepts such as data types, charts, dimensions, filters, and worksheets. Finally, we’ll give you some tips on how to grow your Tableau skillset so that you can take your analysis to the next level.

Tableau Fundamentals for Beginners Crash Course

In this course, you will learn how to do calculations with data using table calculations and Level of detail expressions. You will also learn how to work with strings and dates in your analyses.

You will Learn

  • What is Tableau and why to use tableau
  • Learn To download and install Tableau
  • Learn to load data in Tableau
  • Learn To connect to different data file types, such as Excel, CSV, pdf, web data
  • Learn to join data
  • Learn To use different chart types to represent their data, such as bar charts, pie charts, scatter plots, and histogram
  • Learn To use different visual analytics tools, such as the creation of sets and groups, hierarchy, parameters, clusters, time series and forecasting, trend lines, f
  • Learn to work with spatial files, join spatial files, create heatmaps, and do custom geocoding
  • Learn to do different kinds of calculations with the data, such as table calculation, Level of detail expressions, string, and date calculation
  • The creation and formatting of dashboards
  • The creation of a storyboard with user-created views
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Hundreds of companies, today have data struggles but Tableau has brought amazing solutions to all their problems in one place. This course prepares an individual, with little to no prior knowledge of programming or any technical skills, into becoming an expert user of Tableau software.

This course turns you into a professional so that you can add it as a plus to your resume, making it stand out, and also demanding a competitive salary in the marketplace! Doesn’t this sound like it would be a dream come true?

Here you get to learn all the foundational skills and how to apply them. In this course, we walk gradually from the introductory level to the advanced, creation of visualization level.

This course teaches you

– How to connect to different data sources and join and blend the data

– Usage of a variety of graphs and various visual analytics tools, such as

  – Formatting

   – Building hierarchies

   – Clustering

   – Forecasting

   – Sets and Group making and parameters

– Spatial files and joining them

– Heat-maps

– Make different types of calculations

– Create dashboards and storyboards, so that you can professionally present your data.

Working with Tableau is absolutely interesting and has a very simple, friendly, drag and drop interface. There are also quizzes for each section in this course and a capstone project at the end so that all knowledge imparted in this course can be revised once again.

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