Tailwind CSS : A Moderns Way To Build Websites Using CSS

Tailwind CSS : A Modern Way To Build Websites Using CSS. Learn Tailwind by building a fully responsive real estate portal & interactive dashboard. Become a TailwindCSS expert

  • Must Be Familiar With Basics of HTML & CSS

Tailwind CSS : A Moderns Way To Build Websites Using CSS Coures Description

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Word-for-Word Explanation: Describes each line of numbers throughout the process without crossing a line of code.
Good content: over 6 hours of HD video (1080p).
HIGH QUALITY AND EASY TO LEARN: This course is specially designed to make it easy for students to learn how to use Tailwind CSS to create modern and responsive web layouts.
24/7 support: we’ll always be by your side on your journey to become a Taiwind CSS expert.

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Here is a brief introduction to all of these processes:

Tailwind CSS is a framework that allows you to build your website directly from HTML itself, without the need to write external CSS. CSS is hard to write and maintain, all of the titles in this class are confusing, and styling themes are very complex with free CSS.

On the other hand, using a framework like Bootstrap makes your website look like any other website that uses it.
Tailwind provides a complete solution to both problems and offers e-courses that give you more control over the quality of your website to make your website stand out from the crowd. .
On the other hand, styling web pages is easier because you have to use the Tailwind utility class in your HTML code and not have to manipulate external CSS files.

With Tailwind, you’ll never go back to the old-fashioned way of using CSS easily and simply. All classes are divided into 4 sections:

Part 1: Introduction and development.

This article explains what Tailwind is, how it differs from Bootstrap, and the pros and cons of using Tailwind over other free or CSS frameworks. You will also learn how to set up a tail wind in a web project.

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Part 2: The basics of Taiwind.

Before designing a project, learn the basics of Tailwind first. Learn how to organize web page content using containers, flexible boxes, and grid layouts. Learn how to use the Tailwind utility class to add padding, padding, and spacing to these concepts.
You will also learn more about borders, shadows, and border radii for points such as buttons.

Section 3: Creation of a business center.

After learning the basics of Tailwind CSS, use tailwind to create a portal building. Create a field navigation bar which is a site banner with buttons. He treats himself like broken points. You will also learn how to create a component map that shows the architecture and details of modern devices. It also creates user testimonials with full answers on the layout of the cards. Finally, to write a project, create a contact form and a footer space.

Section 4: Install the Daily Admin Dashboard.
In this section, you will learn how to create a modern website admin dashboard that displays statistics as well as dynamic charts. The whole dashboard is designed with pure CSS Tailwind classes.

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Let’s start the journey to becoming a Taiwind CSS expert.
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