Terraform for the Absolute Beginners with Labs

Terraform for the Absolute Beginners with Labs. In this course, we will get started with Terraform, but first, we will take a look at Infrastructure as a code Or IaC and the different types of tools available in IaC and their purpose in managing modern IT Infrastructure. 


  • Basics of AWS – Amazon Web Services like create EC2, Login to it, S3 bucket
  • Basics of Linux


Welcome to Course: Terraform – From Zero to Certified Professional

A course covering all features of Terraform v0.12v0.13v0.14, v0.15, and  v1.x

You will learn everything needed to pass HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Exam and much more.
You will become Real Terraform Professional!

The course is fully based on building Infrastructure on AWS – Amazon Web Services, but
I have one lesson to show how to work with GCP – Google Cloud Platform and provision VM and simple Web Server.

Course Lessons:

  1. Welcome and Intro
  2. What is Terraform and Why you need it
  3. Installation on Windows
  4. Installation on Linux
  5. Installation on Mac
  6. Upgrade Terraform Version
  7. Installation of ATOM Text Editor and Terraform Plugins
  8. AWS Credentials Setup for Terraform
  9. Create Resources on AWS
  10. Update Resources on AWS
  11. Destroy Resources on AWS
  12. Bootstrap simple WebServer
  13. Bootstrap simple WebServer with External Static file
  14. Bootstrap simple WebServer with External Template file
  15. Example Working with Google Cloud Platform, create simple VM and WebServer
  16. Dynamic Blocks
  17. Almost Zero downtime WebServer with Lifecycle and Elastic IP
  18. Manage dependency  – depends_on
  19. Show execution results – outputs
  20. Generate, Store, Retrieve Secrets – SSM Parameter Store
  21. Generate, Store, Retrieve Secrets – AWS Secrets Manager
  22. Use Data Sources to fetch information
  23. Use Data Sources to fetch latest AMI id
  24. Deploy Highly Available Web Site with Zero Downtime and Green/Blue Deployment
  25. Variables
  26. Variables with Auto Filling
  27. Local Variables
  28. Execute Local Commands – local-exec
  29. Execute Remote Commands – remote-exec
  30. Lookup and Conditions
  31. Terraform Loops – count
  32. Terraform Loops – for_each
  33. Terraform Loops – for in
  34. Create Resources in Multiply AWS Regions
  35. Create Resources in Multiply AWS Accounts and Regions
  36. Terraform Remote State
  37. Terraform Modules Part-1 – Convert your code into Module
  38. Terraform Modules Part-2 – Use Modules
  39. Terraform Modules Part-3 – Use Modules in loops, store and use Modules in GitHub
  40. Best way to recreate resource – terraform taint
  41. How to manage existing resources – terraform import
  42. Terraform Workspaces and when to use them – terraform workspace
  43. Refactoring Terraform code, manipulation with State – terraform state – Part-1
  44. Refactoring Terraform code, manipulation with State – terraform state – Part-2
  45. Terraform validate, Terraform show, Terraform output, Terraform console, Terraform apply -target
  46. Terraform Logs
  47. Terraform Cloud
  48. Terraform Enterprise
  49. Terraform folders Hierarchy for Dev, Staging, Prod environments
  50. How to use Global Variables
  51. Review of HashiCorp Certified Associate Exam and how to Register

Who this course is for:

  • DevOps Engineers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Cloud Solutions Architects
  • System Engineers
  • System Administrators wishing to become DevOps
  • Solutions Architects

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