The Advanced SQL Server Masterclass For Data Analysis

The Advanced SQL Server Masterclass For Data Analysis paid course free. You will Take your SQL skills – and your career – to the next level in this complete course.

  • Installing SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio
  • Window Functions
  • Correlated Subqueries
  • Advanced filtering with EXISTS and NOT EXISTS
  • Flattening data with PIVOT
  • Generating data series with Recursive CTEs
  • Leveraging CTEs and temporary tables to break complex processes into manageable steps
  • Defining and manipulating tables with DDL and DML commands
  • Designing lookup tables to simplify redundant analysis
  • SQL optimization techniques, including indexes
  • Procedural programming techniques like variables and IF statements
  • Defining your own SQL functions
  • Creating stored procedures for flexible, repeatable analysis
  • Supercharge your SQL knowledge with procedural programming techniques like variables and IF statements
  • Writing code that writes code, with Dynamic SQL

The Advanced SQL Server Masterclass For Data Analysis Course Requirements

  • A working knowledge of SQL fundamentals – including SELECT statements, applying criteria, table joins, and aggregate queries – is necessary for success in this course
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and SQL Server Management Studio; these are both available for free, and I’ll walk you through installation and setup
  • Access to a Windows operating system (SQL Server only runs on Windows)
  • Specific knowledge of SQL Server is helpful, but not required

The Advanced SQL Server Masterclass For Data Analysis Course Description

Do you definitely know the nuts and bolts of SQL, yet now and again get baffled when you experience circumstances where the essentials simply aren’t sufficient?

It is safe to say that you are a lesser expert who needs to step up to cutting edge SQL so you can make the following stride in your vocation?

Or on the other hand perhaps you’re an information researcher who knows enough SQL to get by, however need to take your abilities further so you can invest less energy fighting information and additional time building models.

In the event that any of these sound like your circumstance, you’re in the ideal spot. This seminar on cutting edge SQL for information investigation has all that isn’t canvassed in basic SQL courses.

The educational program dives DEEP, spreading over every one of the high level methods you’ll at any point need to fight and examine information in the quickest and most proficient manner conceivable.

What’s more, these ideas aren’t introduced in disconnection; everything is instructed with regards to genuine world investigation situations, which means you’ll be prepared to apply these strategies at work from the very first moment.

Here’s a gander at only a portion of the things you’ll escape this course:

Take the jump toward Senior Analyst by dominating progressed information fighting strategies with SQL

Become the inhabitant SQL master in your group

Perform nuanced examination of huge datasets with Window Functions

Use subqueries, CTEs and transitory tables to deal with complex, multi-stage inquiries and information changes

Compose effective, upgraded SQL

Influence records to accelerate your SQL questions

Supercharge your SQL information with procedural programming methods like factors and IF proclamations

Program data set items like client characterized works and put away methodology that will make life simpler for you AND your partners

Expert valuable tips and deceives not found in most data set courses, similar to Dynamic SQL

Gain an instinct for what procedure to apply and when

Train your mind with huge loads of involved activities that reflect true business situations

What makes this course unique

There are three things that truly put this course aside.

First is its degree. We’ll dive profound into the high level tool stash that SQL has to bring to the table, revealing methods to take care of issues that leave even senior experts scratching their heads.

Second is a tireless spotlight on that commonsense, true applications. Strategies are shown not as conceptual ideas, yet rather as answers for normal information fighting and examination issues. What’s more, at whatever point conceivable, these procedures are introduced, not in seclusion, but rather in mix with different things that have effectively been covered. This “twisting” approach supports ideas you’ve adapted so they stay with you long subsequent to taking the course.

At last, and in particular, the course gives a mother lode of coding practices that offer you plentiful chance for involved practice. Furthermore, these activities are appropriated all through the course – not bunched together night-time of recordings. This implies you’ll have a chance to rehearse each idea you learn, just after you learn it.

So on the off chance that you need to go from SQL understudy to SQL ace, select today. I anticipate seeing you in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Data Analysts or BI Professionals wanting to “make the leap” to Senior Analyst/Developer
  • Data Scientists who aspire to stand out from their peers by going beyond the basics in SQL
  • Job seekers who want to turbocharge their resumes with advanced SQL skills
  • Students seeking a comprehensive but practical pathway to SQL mastery
  • Anyone who wants to take their SQL data analysis skills to the next level


The Advanced SQL Server Masterclass For Data Analysis

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